Can a quaker parrot and a cockatiel live together?

I have a baby quaker parrot and an adult cockatiel. I’m planning to move the parrot into the cockatiels big cage when he is old enough. The person I bought it from said they could live together just fine, but I was just wondering just in case because the cockatiel hasn’t lived with another bird for 2 or 3 months

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  1. emm says:

    I would strongly, strongly advise you to not house them together. Quaker Parrots are known for their aggressiveness toward other species, and I’ve definitely noticed it with my own Quaker- I had a lovebird for a few months and the Quaker would try to attack the lovebird whenever possible. The same thing also happened with a kitten.

    Quaker Parrots have a territorial, bossy and determined attitude. Cockatiels on the other hand are mellow and probably the least aggressive parrot there is. The Quaker could seriously injure the Cockatiel.

    If you’ve already introduced the two and they seem to get along just fine, keep socializing them as much as possible. Again, I would strongly advise against allowing them to become cage mates, but interacting away from their cages if they get along is just fine. Even if they get along, they could have a little disagreement in the cage which could lead to injury. I would say it’s just not worth the risk.

  2. William Z says:

    Don’t do it!!

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