How can I decorate around a large bird cage?

I have just bought an African Grey parrot. The cage is large but must go in my livingroom as it is the area that gets he most traffic in my home. My furniture is leather, there is a fireplace and I Grandfather clock in the room. I have the perfect wall for it, but I don’t want it to look obtrusive. Any suggestions?

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4 Responses to How can I decorate around a large bird cage?

  1. sunflare63 says:

    Put houseplants around it or a stand with plants. Put nature pics up too

  2. nan says:

    put a stool next to it, by doing that, it includes itself into your room……add some ivy to it or a ficus tree on the side of it….bring some outside, indoors and it will look like it belongs there…….good luck!

  3. c says:

    i would suggest make the cage look as close to your decor as possible. I too have just gotten a huge cage.. i am going to spray paint it. Then add lots of branches on the inside, for the bird, which is good for the bird to climb around on and looks nice. Be careful about adding fake or real plants, the bird might chew on them and get sick.. I bet the bird will be a huge attraction to the room!!

  4. shortansassy says:

    Put a aquarium by the cage and get a tree branch and fix it so the bird can climb on it. We fixed one and use a
    Christmas tree stand to hold it up and put lots of toy on different limbs so our bird was not bored. If you use plants make sure that are non-poison because they love the chew and destroy. You bird will love watching the fish. Con-grads on getting a gray, you are going to love it.

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