Why is it cruel to keep a bird in a cage?

I keep seeing answers to questions that just state that keeping birds in cages is cruel and all birds should fly free. Well, I want to know your reasoning and I’d like you to consider a few things.
We keep fish in tanks. Fish are usually in millions of gallons of water, yet it’s acceptable to keep them in 5, 10, 20 gallon tanks? Why don’t you oppose that?
Rodents are outside where they have miles of space and they don’t need a wheel to run on just to stay healthy, yet it’s ok to stick them in a tiny cage?
Dogs and cats in the wild have acres and acres all to themselves, yet it’s acceptable to coop them up in a kennel, house or backyard?
And here’s the kicker- Children in Africa living outside also have miles to roam around. Why are our children expected to stay in the house or yard? They need exercise, too.
So, stop telling me that it’s cruel to keep birds in cages. Most pet birds are treated better than humans, so start focusing your energy on people who really do mistreat animals.
Now, I am against people who coop up their birds in small cages and don’t let them out to play. THAT is wrong, but for people like me who have ridiculously large cages and let their birds out all the time to play, I don’t see the harm.
Also, the whole flying issue. Some birds like to fly, others don’t. Most don’t have a preference. If the bird is getting fat because it can’t fly and needs more exercise, then you should let it fly-on a leash.

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14 Responses to Why is it cruel to keep a bird in a cage?

  1. humor4fms says:

    This only makes sense if it was a LOGICAL reason to keep them locked up in the first place in an inhabital domain. Just like you would put a small child in a play pen with minimal toys all day long with no stimulation.

    But there are people who buy birds and pay NO attention to them at all, THEN go buy ANOTHER one to keep that one company! So now you have TWO birds sitting in a small cage doing absolutely nothing but sitting in a cage, making a mess, and having to listen to the owners whine and complain about how messy and loud the two birds are!!

    And they end up getting rid of them a year before they die, and the process starts all over for the new owners, but they eventually end up doing the right thing and buy ONE bird instead of two.

    Then the cycle starts all over again!!! This is what’s known as the "Bird Cycle".

    If more people would focus on Educating themselves instead of "impulsive" buying, the world would be a lot better off. But to many people depend on "impulsive" buyers.

    Exp: When birds lay eggs, instead of just going out and buying a nest box, (implusive buying) why not leave the bird alone and leave her be? No to many people think a bird needs a box, and don’t realize it promotes the cycle to lay more eggs. Why don’t they pick up the phone to call their vet and ask their vet what to do? NO, they rely on PET STORE advice, and the pet stores only want to SELL them a product. Putting on a box will NOT help a hen, it will hurt a hen.

    Most people lack common sense!! Bigger cage don’t mean put a tiel in a parrot cage. It has to be the right bar spacing, or the bird can get seriously hurt.

    But a business is only as good as the people they hire to run it. Without knowledge in the animal world, they can and will sell you ice cubes to eskimos, lol

  2. Skittles says:

    Wow….I think thats a kind of cool argument. Also, you figure in the wild alot of these animals would be starving or getting their homes destroyed by people building, so we arent exactally making their lives worse.

    Oh, and I totally agree with the small cage thing. All of our cages are at least 2 feet wide and deep and 3 feet tall

  3. veg_rose says:

    If I tried keeping my bird in a cage she would leave me or sleep in the extra bed.

  4. plants4fun@sbcglobal.net says:

    I see no problem leaving birds in cages. Thats where the live. Maybe some people let there bird fly free in there home or maybe they like bird poop everywhere.

    But If I had a bird I would keep it in the cage too. Birds are different then dogs and cats. Also dogs and cats are different too.

  5. go avs! says:

    Cruel or not, if you had wings wouldn’t you want to fly? Though, I could really care less if you keep birds in a cage or not. I think they are boring pets.

  6. Zikiru says:

    I agree with you. What the heck do they expect to happen? Just set all of these DOMESTICATED birds out and leave them to starve, get hunted by predators, etc..? Whether it’s good or not, what has been done has been done.

    It’s only cruel in my opinion to keep them in a cage if they don’t get enough time outside of the cage.. People seem to think that bird pets are only for being kept in the cage as decoration-any good bird owner would NOT do this! A cage is like their room, it isn’t cruel to give a person in a room.. But it’s horrible to keep them locked up all day inside of it. Same with birds [particularly parrots].

  7. howldine says:

    I have a mated pair of canaries in a 5′ tall x 3′ wide x 4′ long flight cage. My canaries aren’t handled, so they need something this big for proper exercise. They sing and mate and nest and play with their toys and seem very happy.

    I have 2 parrots, 14 and 15 years old. Both can fly and haven’t been clipped in over 10 years. They each live in a 4′ tall by 2′ x 2′ cage and are in it only when I am not home or when I am sleeping. They are both hand-fed and get gobs of attention and love and tons of exercise and interaction. They love to watch TV and listen to music.

    My birds are incredibly happy and healthy, but I take care of them properly. Shutting a canary in a 1′ x 1′ cage is not proper care, in my opinon. Caging a parrot all day long and not giving it the attention it needs to maintain proper mental and emotional health is cruelty. These are the people who should not keep ‘caged’ birds, not folks like me…

  8. texas_angel_wattitude says:

    Well you’ve got yourself one heck of an argument were you on the debate team? I keep my birds in cages and I keep their wings clipped. I use to not clip wings thinking it was "cruel" until they were flying and smacked into the walls, windows, doors, photo frames and even got into the ceiling fan which had been shut off but was still spinning as it was in the process of stopping.

    My birds are handled daily they are talked to and played with. They are healthy and highly socialized creatures and I think treated just as well as we treat our children. Their cage doors are open all the time they can get in and out as they please and their diets are varied.

  9. future vet tech says:

    I’ve owned many birds as pets in the past: various breeds of pigeons, chickens, geese, ducks…guess where they were all kept? in the barn or in a large cage! It’s fine to keep birds in the appropriate sized cage as long as you let them out everyday for exercise and human interaction. If you lock a bird in the cage and you never take the time to tame them or to let them exercise then that’s cruel. Even my chickens and geese were tamed enough that they would come to you and eat out of your hand! (we rescued abused farm animals and rehabilitated them for petting zoos)
    you’re right, so many people freak out about things that are oh-kay like confining an animal to the appropriate sized space but they don’t even realize that there are so many animals out there who are killed by abusive owners! I feel better about the owners who confine their pets for their own safety (letting them run loose, especially out of their natural habitat, is dangerous because of all the predators, lack of food, etc..) I feel better about the pet owners who care for their pets enough to keep them safe than I do about the pet owners who release tamed birds into the wild because they think the birds would be happier that way (when in actuality the birds wouldn’t even know how to find their own food, shelter, or how to protect themselves!)
    I love your point of view and agree with you

  10. sun day says:

    I have a cockatiel that I keep in a cage and I clip his wings. He is out with me all the time though and is a very needy bird, always wanting to be part of the family. He really wants to fly but I have no choice but to clip his wings. When I don’t he flys into things and hurts himself. Plus we have a dog and he doesn’t try to hurt him unless he’s flying, or trying to anyway. Dogs like flying objects I guess. No, keeping birds in cages isn’t cruel if you take them out and give them love. They really need that.

  11. Bex says:

    Lets face it, what sort of a life would the birds have if they were all let out to fly free?
    Well, if it happened here, chances are they wouldnt last the night, as they would soon make a tasty meal for a kestrel!
    they have been bred in captivity and its all they know.
    All of my birds are kept as naturally as possible with as much room to fly as possible, if pets are kept properly, theres no reason to think its cruel, its giving them a better life and more chance to survive than they would have in the wild.

  12. tnerb52 says:

    Your agruement is like comparing apples and oranges. The parameters are not the same from your examples.

    Few domestic pets would survive if "free".
    My dogs would probably die or exposure or hunger.
    My parrots would surely starve if not eaten first.

    An appropriate sized cage, and I’m not talking minimum size is not cruel. It’s the care you take of your pet that matters.
    Clean habitat, correct foods, proper stimulation and companionship is essential.
    My conures fight for attention and I often sit on my deck in the summer time with my birdy swimming pool (glass pie pan filled with warm water) and watch the 5 conures have a pool party. They receive fresh seasonal fruits and veggies. They climb all over me and perch inside my shirt or in my pocket with only their heads sticking out.
    They are all clipped for their protection. Unless you have a full flight aviary, your birds should be clipped. This would be ideal but who has the room or $$$ for this kind of setup. I have 2 cages, 2.5 x 3 x 5, for my 5 kids. They have lived there for 6-10 years and are all healthy and happy.

    Give them the best you can offer to protect and give them a great life. What they return to you is priceless.
    Remember they are no longer "wild animals".
    They are family.
    They rely on you for everything.
    Good luck and enjoy.

  13. i420dont420know420 says:

    dude tour samrt but domesticated animals would get pwned in the wild

  14. hyon l says:

    igit nimo

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