what is the best cat food brand for cats with sensitive stomachs?

I have a siamese cat who has a lot of digestive problems. He vomits quite often, and the hairball medications does not seem to completely get rid of the problem. Also, at 9 pounds, he could use some extra weight.
I was wondering if anyone had any insight on the best cat food to give him, so that it does not irritate his sensitive stomach.
a few precisions:
I adopted my cat, and the previous owner told me to use the science diet dry food. Anyway, my dear cat is so picky that he will NOT eat what is not a/ the Science Diet brand b/ chicken flavored
I am super careful about what I feed him, but somehow he still throws up… And since I am trying to make him gain weight (he’s a little too skinny), I might consider the kitten chow…

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  1. Kitty Cat says:

    I would suggest a brand with small bites instead of big ones because if it has a sensitive stomach it may cause the digestion to those large bites to go wrong and may and up in vomiting. soft food mixed with some kitten chow would work even if the cat is over 1 year old because it is easier on there stomachs.

  2. RuneAmok says:

    Food allergies/sensitive digestive systems are more common than people might think.

    The biggest offender in cat foods is grains like corn and wheat. Many cats cannot tolerate these. But some cats can develop intolerances to common protein sources such as chicken.

    What I would do if I were you is take a stepped approach. First rule out the most likely culprit which is grains. If he does well, you can be pretty sure that you’ve found the problem.

    If he’s still having problems, then look for novel protein sources such as rabbit, turkey or venison.

    If you’re feeding dry food, you’ll have a hard time finding novel proteins, but there are a few brands of grainfree dry foods. Evo, Wellness Core and Nature’s Variety Instincts are all grainfree. But all contain chicken. Natural Balance duck & green pea doesn’t have any chicken, but it does have *some* grain, although not the bad ones. If you’re going with dry, I’d go with these.

    If you’re willing to try some canned foods, which I highly recommend, then you have tons of options. Not only are many brands grainfree, but you have a lot of choices when it comes to novel proteins. See the link for suggestions.

  3. schnauzer says:

    l have had siamese all my life and it is very common for this breed to do what is called ‘upchuck’ which means it throws up after eating and this has nothing to do with a sensitive digestive system it is part of the breed.Siamese are fussy eater and you have to find out what your Siamese likes to eat and not gobble.l would suggest some steamed fish if you really believe in a stomach problem not raw.They love chicken not raw.Choose a good brand of dry food as l am not in your country l cannot point you the right direction but mine accept only one or two brands which co-incidentally are expensive and not on the Supermarket shelves.Your cat needs loads of water so make sure it has a bowl inside and outside.Talk to some Siamese breeders and they will all telly you what your cat is doing is part and parcel of the breed so it may not be a delicate stomach.They are born thieves so make sure your Siamese is not stealing food not appropriate to a cat.l do occasionally breed Siamese although l breed dogs far more.Have had siamese fro 40 years so am used to anything they throw at me.Good luck

  4. adanna says:

    Purina Vet Diets EN
    U have to go to the vet to get it. It’s really expensive- like $25/bag. This is what I feed my kitten.
    They also have OM (overweight management).
    (Both of these come in canned as well.)

    U could b leaving the canned food out too long, and it’s going bad. Don’t leave a can of food out for more than an hour.

    Edit: Oh, I misread ur details.. Siamese cat- duh. Kitten food would work well b/c it’s full of calories & protein. I guess just stick w/Science Diet. They have a sensitive stomach kind, too.

  5. PRINTS says:

    I find that using the following works pretty well, and brand does not really matter:
    Mix dry food with canned food, using quite a bit of dry food and just enough canned to make a nice gravey mix. Add quite a bit of water, in order to make it rather soupy. The cats usually love this mixture and it sets pretty will with their digestion. I will use any food except Purina, which can sometimes cause a colitis-like condition. We use non-premium foods (9-Lives, Meow Mix, etc.) and our cats have been healthy and lived long lives. You should try to brush him so that there is not as much fur for him to swallow. Then, the thing that has also been working for our 5 cats is a plant called the Dragon Plant (Dracanea). It has long, spikey leaves and cats love to chew on it. I think it is similar to grass and probably helps the food and fur to pass through the digestive tract. I would suggest you doublecheck with your vet to be sure he approves, or look the plant up for safety, but it has been working for us. You can also get a little pot of "grass" at many grocery stores in the herb section and the cats will chew on that, but I don’t know if it really helps their digestion. By the way, do you really think he needs fattening up? I suppose it would really depend upon his frame size and how the weight looks on him.

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