Crate training my two year old dogs?

I have two, two year old Chihuahua’s. They were never properly potty trained but, we heard from a close family friend how effective crate training can be. Will it be possible to train them even though they are older dogs? Another concern is that they’ll get sick and have a bladder infection because they have to hold it. Can someone help us? And if anyone has any other tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated! :]

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  1. Golf Nut TL says:

    2 years old is not too late to do any training for dogs. As for crate training goes, it does a lot more than just potty training. Properly done, it provides a sanctuary for your dog, you can leave them in there overnight, or when you had to leave them alone for any length of time, you can leave them in the crate and they are happy to stay there.

    If you are going to let your dogs run around the house (with or without crate training), crate training would probably not solve your potty issue. Crate training will train them to NOT go in their crate, but they still will mess up your house if they desperately has to go.

    For potty training, you can buy doggy diapers and encourage them to pee on those while they are in the house, or in the beginning, take them outside more often and encourage them to pee in the yard, praise them when they do so. If you use diapers, you can also take the soiled diapers outside, then take the dogs outside and encourage them to pee on the diaper or around it.

    As for bladder infection, it is very unlikely. 2 year old dogs can generally hold their pee up to 10 hours provided you haven’t given them excessive water. Bottom-line, if your dog has to go and can’t hold it, it WILL go, no matter where, so it won’t have a bladder problem.

  2. Riverrat715 says:

    It can be done but you will have to be consistent with them. If they have never been crated they are not going to like it at first and may wine and so forth. You could try a larger crate and put them in together. They will not get a bladder infection from holding it if you are doing it right. You put them in the crate at bed time and leave them there til morning. You take them outside to do their business immediately in the morning. Try taking them out at regular intervals of about 2 1/2 hours through out the day and reward them with a small treat each time the do their business out side. If you catch them going in the house you scold them and take them outside immediately. When you bring them back in put them in the crate for a while, say 15 to 20 minutes. If you are consistent with this they will become crate trained and house broken. Good luck.

  3. eey176mibs says:

    i guess you could start training them but it would be a lot of harder work since they’ve already got into the habit of their other way of sleeping, etc. but it’s still possible, maybe you should just start training them normal, as if they were puppies.

    as for the bladder infection: put the dogs in a crate for maybe a few hours, then let them pee, then put them back in the crate. i really don’t think that a two year old dog would get bladder infection that easily from crate training.

    hope that helps.

  4. Ash says:

    i absolutly live by crate training. i have a 12 month doxi and she does wonderful. as a puppy she can last 8 hrs at night and 5 during the day. bladder infection are doubtful but you may be concerned that they will "mess" in thier crate as some older dogs will. Although some wont becasue they think of it as a home. keep in mind that u want them to love their crate so it should never be used for punishment. also, if u find them sleeping any where other than the crate simply place them in there to finish thier rest.

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