How big should a great dane's dog house be?

My husband is planning on building our dog a dog house for outside. We have great dane mix puppy only about 5 months old, he’s far from being full grown so i’m not sure what his full grown measurements will be. How big should an average great danes dog house be? we’ve looked at a few designs and we want to build one with a door on the front left side and inside it has a little half wall kind of thing so he can go to the right side and be blocked from the wind and rain and everything else. any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Rescue Member – STOP JUDGING… anywhere in my question did i say i lock him outside all the time? No i did not. I love my dog and he is a great companion. did it ever occur to you that when i do put him outside on occasion, that i would like him to feel just as loved as if he was inside with me? have you ever had so much company that you want your dog outside so he doesn’t bother them? i don’t want to just put him out in my back yard, this house is for him to be in when he just can’t be inside with me! Thank you for all your help!

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  1. thefinalresult says:

    I like the idea of a center wall so he can go from side to side whichever is better for him at the time.

    Also, the height from the ground must be high, for a dane I’d say a foot with skirting around it to keep the wind out from under.

    Don’t use any cedar woods in the house not even some in the flooring. The temptation of it for repelling fleas isn’t worth it as it doesn’t do that great of a job to begin with plus the cedar isn’t good for breathing in the odor and can cause asthma and even digestive problems.

    He needs to be able to stand without his head touching the ceiling.

    Bedding should not be straw. Find good crate/doghouse bedding with raised sides. They come in many sizes, thicknesses and such. They are not cheap. Try a catalog from Jeffers 1-800-Jeffers or a Tractor Supply or Agway.

    You want the bedding to be washable with a zip off cover.

    Also, throw in a few blankets in addition so he can make a nest to his liking.

    You don’t say your climate but with wanting the house to be two sided inside to get away from wind and rain I’m thinking you’re not in southern CA or TX or FL.

    I hope this is only for his comfort and protection while being outside during daytime hours on some days and that he will not be a 24/7 outside dog.

    Good Luck

  2. cowgirl_kir says:

    the ideal dog house should be large enough for the dog to stand up in and turn around in without hitting the wall. so basically you need a cubby house!!!!! i have no idea what the actual measurements for a full grown great dane is but its gunna have to be BIG!! good luck

  3. nerakian says:

    Depending on the mix part I would say that he will get to at least 3.5ft at the withers (shoulders) and will be slim if kept on a good diet and gets exercise. I would plan on a rather large dog house. The extra large air kennels will house a Dane so maybe you could take some measurements from there and add some to accomadate him. I would dare to say double the size, I had two and used a playhouse as a dog house. You want to make sure that it is not too big or it won’t be able to keep him warm.

  4. Goldengal says:

    Geeze it might be cheaper to buy a shed! I’m not kidding either. Danes get very big and you know already that they dont do well out in the cold of winter. Their skin to too thin to with stand the bitter cold.

  5. spaz050201 says:

    Well first off what is he mixed with? I would make it big enough that he will not out grow it over the winter, but I am sure by next winter he will need a new one (if he is mixed with another big dog)… Make sure that there is enough room for him to stand up, and turn around but dont make it so big that he will get cold because its not holding in enough heat for him.

    What I would do for now, is look around at garage sales and get something that would last until you know he is full grown and then build him the dog house… something that he will be able to continue to use.

  6. Yo LO! says:

    I’m with Goldengal! It’s probably cheaper to just buy a small shed and install a LARGE dog door in the side of it! It’ll be easier to clean too!

  7. unknown says:

    my male great dane is almost the size of a pony, he is big! i advise that you would make it really big

  8. JANELLE P says:

    Great dane are usually house dogs. My cousin used to breed them. They are awsome dogs!!! they are usually waist high,not sure 3 feet give or take a few inches. and what he is mixed with.I have a boxer, bullmastiff, dane mix . he love the house. Good luck.

  9. rescue member says:

    His house should be your house – Great Danes are wonderful companions and dogs are social creatures.
    Why would you lock him outside, away from his family?
    Potty train him, take him for obdience groups lessons and let him be inside as part of the family the way he should be.

    It’s cruel to keep dogs outside alone – very, they want to be inside with you. Why on earth did you get a pet just to keep it outside like livestock??

  10. Freedom says:

    Great Danes live inside houses with people. If you are getting a dog to house outside, then why bother? Dogs living in isolation from their families are a sad thought. Maybe you should consider figuring out how to live with your dog inside with you as part of your family, or get a hampster instead.

  11. Margastar says:

    People seem to forget that dogs originally have always lived outside, so having them outside from time to time is actually HEALTHY for them, it’s called fresh air and dogs need to be taught how to be outside as well as indoors. People mollycoddle their pets so much to the point of creating neurotic animals.

  12. lotsadogs says:

    A male dane will probably get 36-38" high at the shoulder, chances are he is mixed with something a little smaller.

    If hubby is a carpenter, he should think about how to best use the lumber he’s got to make the biggest dog house (ie- if he’s getting 8′ 2×4’s, then maybe the house will be 48" high so he can just cut them in half). I’d make it at least 42" long too. Nice shingle roof, and a big big poofy bed for inside (danes joints are sensitive, so you want to offer him a nice bed whereever you can).

    I’d made your doggie house door at least 36" high, I don’t know about the partition, may make it difficult for him to turn around while inside (they’re long too). How about a nice door flap instead? Like a rubber floor mat for a truck, but a little bigger. That will keep the weather out, but let him nose it aside when he wants to go in or out.

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