How can I protect my outdoor cats & dogs from the rain (besides the dog house)?

A big storm is coming up and I am living at a house (temporarily) where animals are not allowed inside. I have a large dog house for the dogs. However, they still get soaked when it rains. The cats usually hide under the cars and their food gets soaked and I have to throw it all away. What can I do?

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2 Responses to How can I protect my outdoor cats & dogs from the rain (besides the dog house)?

  1. Barb R says:

    I would suggest that you take your pets someplace else until the storm passes. A friend, relative, someone – who can help you keep them safe. Hopefully, your temporary situation will be resolved soon and your animals will be in the house with you where they belong.

  2. amysamida says:

    I hope you are moving out of there as quickly as you can! I’d make sure the dog house has a door, and that there aren’t too many dogs to fit inside comfortably. Maybe you need another dog house. For the cats, smaller houses placed somewhere off the ground, since cats like to get into high places, again they should have some kind of flap, might work. Put out smaller quantities of food and feed more often. Or, for the cats get one or two big dog crates, then if you know a storm is coming, round them up and lock them in.
    This situation is really bad for all of your animals. I hope you can resolve it quickly.

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