How long does the bordetella vaccine in dogs last?

My dog is a senior dog. Never left in a kennel, not around other dogs, and does not go to a groomer

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  1. chetco says:

    Your dog won’t need it. If you decide to board him, you can get his shot at that time, or the nasal application. I
    If your dogs are to be kenneled, they need to have a Bordetella shot within the past 12 months. Otherwise, every 24 months will keep them resistant.

  2. torbaynewfs says:

    He doesn’t need the vaccine. I vaccinate my dogs every 6 months. They are at high risk, but yours is not. Did the vet say the dog needs it??? I would not do it.

    Weli if you ever board the dog, check WELL in advance!!!! The good kennels require the vaccine at LEAST 2 weeks prior to entering the kennel.

  3. toneks83 says:

    Most likely you wont need it. My dog is being boarded and got a shot + booster that is supposed to last a year.

  4. Seikilos says:

    Protecting against Bordetella bronchiseptica (kennel cough), the vaccine average effectiveness is one year. One maker, Schering, recommends a booster every 6-12 months with their Intra-Trac III ADT (given in the nose, not injected).

    I hardly think your dog would need it, but it is included in some vaccine mixes that cover a variety of different vaccinations in one shot. These mixed vaccines are a great deal cheaper than individual shots. Your vet should be able to advise you what is the best combination of vaccines for your dog.

  5. Helen H says:

    bordetella is kennel cough and too many people make the mistake of thinking that they don’t have to have this vaccine if they don’t board their dog. Bordetella is definitely more prevalent in kennels because of the closed in and confined quarters. Yet bordetella can be contracted out in public with something as simple as the dog taking a walk. The vaccine is a core vaccine and lasts a year.

  6. jmkafer says:

    The vaccine lasts 6 months, but bordatella can be contracted even when the vaccine is up to date … apparently it isn’t 100% … this happend to our dog.

  7. Great Dane Lady says:

    There are many strains of kennel cough. Bordetella only covers a few of the most common strains so your dog can still get it. Bordetella is only effective for 6 month or so. It is a self limiting disease and most dogs will get over it in about 2 weeks with no treatment at all.
    Since you have a senior dog, I would not vaccinate at all. The other vaccines are good for many, many years as published in a report by Dr. Ron Schultz of Wisconsin University. The American Animal Hospital Association’s 2006 recommendations are calling for vaccines only every three yrs. The notes in their report also show the manufacturer’s recommendation to give annually. It also shows in the notes what Dr. Schultz has published. Links below:

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