how often do you need to deworm a pregnant dog?

my dog is about 5 or 6 wks pregnant. i dewormed her 5 days ago. how many more times should i deworm her and should it be done after puppies are born or wait until they are through nursing.

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  1. ♥PomMom♥®™ ≫Spay & Neuter≪ says:

    You shouldn’t deworm while she is pregnant. If she has worms really bad, then seek out the advice of a vet.

  2. You asked for it says:

    when my dog was pregnant i didn’t give her any type of medicine…call it paranoia but i didn’t want her pups getting sick.

    thank goodness she’s spayed now lol

  3. Kathy™ says:

    Last time I checked, you don’t. Once the pups are 6 weeks and go for their first vet visit they will be dewormed.

  4. mistydew220 says:

    Okay i am a vet tech and you need to deworm a pregnant dog 2 weeks before her due date because she can pass hookworms to her puppies pyrantel is a safe wormer for mom and puppies. Hookworms can cause major problems for puppies. you need to worm mom and puppies 2 weeks after birth as well. worm pupps every 2 weeks until you start them on heartworm preventative. so worm mom 2 weeks before then pups at 2, 4, 6,8 weeks old.

  5. doc's wife says:

    speak with your vet- some will depend on what kind of dewormer you are using- and for what parasites

  6. aaronwoodlabradors says:

    You should have dewormed her prior to mating. You now can deworm her at day 42 but make sure it is a worming agent that is safe for pregnant and lactating bitches. If you don’t know when she mated work out the day she came on heat (blood spotting) and couldn’t forward 10/11 days and work out 42 days from then.

    You can deworm her again 2 weeks after the pups are the same time as you deworm them the first time. (2, 4, 8 weeks)

  7. Tyler T says:

    no matter how many times you dework the mother, most likely all the puppies with get them either way. you can wait untill the puppies are born to deworm them

  8. schnauzer says:

    Once your female is pregnant you CANNOT worm should have done it before she was mated.It is very dangerous to worm pregnant females as they cannot tolerate any kind of medication unless an emergency.When you have live pups they start being wormed with puppy worm syrup at 2 weeks of age and then every 2 weeks after that until 12 weeks and then every 3 months.When Mum has finished nursing and pups are weaned worm her too and make sure pups have all wormers and Mum too so it will cover the majority of worms except tapeworm and heart worm,the latter being a completely different issue

  9. Dances With Woofs! says:

    You can use pyrantel at any time during pregnancy,but you should take her to the vet to be checked out to make sure that all is well.They can check her for other worms that may not be killed by pyrantel.Also,she should be on a monthly heartworm preventative like Interceptor,which would take care of hookworms,roundworms and whipworms as well. But generally,if you worm her again in about 10 days,she should be good.When the pups are born,make sure to feed the mom dog puppy food and cottage cheese to keep her calcium levels up,and worm the pups at 2,3,4,6,8 and 10 weeks.And then please get your dog spayed.

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