Ideas for a name for dog grooming shop?

My mother is opening up a dog grooming shop. She wants the name to be cute and witty. I was wondering I have no ideas that she likes could I get some help from u guys? Oh what’s ur opinion on calling it snobby lobby? My sis said this I don’t like it. Thank u all.

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17 Responses to Ideas for a name for dog grooming shop?

  1. Jennifer M says:

    Grooms to go ! its catchy ,lol

  2. K E says:

    Doggy Styles

  3. Emily! says:

    dont call it snobby lobby…XD

  4. Beth says:

    The Paws Clause. I don’t like the snobbylobby. What does that have to do with dogs?

  5. Lacey says:

    Pups n stuff
    Ah Woof, scrub scrub!
    Pooch in the tub
    I hope that helped if you need more email me at

  6. Tim says:

    The Well Primped Pup

  7. Marquis says:


    How about….something like puppy groommys

    Im not sure, just thought i say a few suggestions

  8. Bonzie12 says:

    Naming it Snobby Lobby doesn’t let your know that it’s a grooming salon for dogs. Snips and clips, or cuts for mutts lets you know that it’s a grooming business. try to name it something that people can associate with dog grooming.

  9. Spicey says:

    That’s pretty cute and catchy, but the snobs won’t come there, and either will their snobby poodles. (Poodles are snobs by nature.)

    A lady here had a place called Pooch Pardise, then when she moved, named it Top Knots to Tails. She owns several poodles.

  10. Onion Soup says:

    Well I have a good idea but first please
    Don’t call it Snobby Lobby
    What about Paw Paws Pet Salon or Paw Paws Pet Parlour or something like that
    It sounds classy but cute and a tad bit cheesy and witty! 🙂 I’d go to a shop called Paw Paws!

  11. Ignorance is Bliss says:

    I like Royal Pet dog grooming or Peppy Paws dog grooming

  12. heathertail says:

    Cleansing Paws
    Sparkling Paws
    Suds And Pawprints
    Lovely Suds

  13. Copper says:

    paws for primping

    best paw forward

    fancy paws

  14. Toller says:

    Shaggy Chic

  15. kathykoul says:

    Head to Tail

  16. Emma says:

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  17. skigurlforeva says:

    A Pup in a Tub! 🙂

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