Is dog grooming a good field to get into?

I love animal, especially dogs.
I volunteer at the local shelter.
Lately I have been thinking about what type of job I should pursue. Logically I was thinking about getting an associate degree in business, paralegal studies or radiology.
My dream, however, would be working with animals. Unfortunately, from my knowledge, there is no money in working with animals, and I must make a certain amount to support myself and my animals.
Can anyone give me any advise?

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  1. Fairierose says:

    Where is this groomers don’t get paid well coming from? Sorry, not true. I average about 15 an hour working 3 days a week as a groomer, not including tips. Granted if you suck no one is going to go to you more than once. There is some of a seasonal ebb and flow, but not much.

    Yes, if you’re talking about being a vet tech or something like that, there isn’t a lot of money to be made. But there are a couple of professions that you can make some good money doing.

  2. contact me says:

    it could be a part time profession for you. Never go for a full time animal care

  3. K9Resqer says:

    There isn’t a whole lot of money in grooming unless you’ve got a long-term, well-established shop. And even then, a lot of it is seasonal. Everybody wants their dog groomed in the spring & summer. Winter can be very, very slow. Except around the holidays when everyone wants their dog looking and smelling good for company.

    If you get a non-dog related job, you can then spend your free time and money to support your "dog habit" that’s what I do. I absolutely hate my job but without it I couldn’t support my dogs. I do do a little grooming on the side for friends. It gives me an extra $20 or so every few weeks.

    If you really want a job working with animals, you can check out the jobs at the link below. That way you’ll know what’s out there and what is required for those jobs. For example, most shelter directors require a business degree. That way you can get an education that you may or may not be able to use in the dog world.

  4. Walt says:

    their is a women ware i live she has a mobile pet grooming business she went from going into peoples houses, to her own large truck that she grooms the animals, now she has two trucks going 5 days a week she lives in a beautiful home & she does what she loves. set your sights & go for it anything is possible.

  5. mai9613 says:

    i want to be an animal groomer but as you said they dont get paid well so ive been thinking about the same thing. i wanted to be a vet but i dont do blood. i want to sstart my own grooming business idk if that will help you or not. i also want to on a pet shop and breed rabbits but you know those probably wont happe.

    not the answer yu were looking for so sorry but i just wanted to share that with you! 🙂

  6. Aly says:

    Dog grooming is a great field to get into. After you are trained and get experience and work on your speed, you can be doing around 7-10 dogs a day, and thats alot of money. I just did a trial day at a grooming shop and I groomed 3 dogs and made $85. Plus you make tips. But you really need to think about this. Grooming is not an easy thing, its not just petting the dogs all day. Alot of dogs hate to be groomed, and alot bite. It can be very stressful and if you dont take care of yourself you will burn out very quickly.

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