Is it ok I give my dog Human allergy pills?

I give my dog a allergy pill like every other day. Is this okay for wht? They are from cvs pharmacy they’re called allergy calsules.

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  1. Night_owl says:

    NO. Not without a doctor’s ok. Dosing can be very different for dogs and some of the allergy medications you can get over the counter for people can be toxic or even lethal for your pet.

    You shouldn’t give anything made for humans to dogs without a vet saying its ok. Generally the doses for people are VERY different from that of a dog especially if you factor in weight and the difference in species- then count in all the stuff they can’t have that is toxic for them but is ok for us (like chocolate, raisins, onions, sugar free gum…the list could go on forever.)

  2. mustlovedogs says:

    Hopefully you are watching your dog for any reactions, since you have already been giving them. that said, Yes, it is okay to give dogs, human allergy pills, but you should talk to your Vet about dosage for your dog’s weight, what symptoms the dog is experiencing, etc. My dogs are around 10 lbs. and take 1/2 of a pink Benedryl pill, with dinner. After a couple of years they can become immune and need a change. Mine have also been given 1/2 of a chewable children’s Zyrtec, once a day. Your vet’s office may have a list that they can give you, for what pills are okay and what dosage. Check with them First!

  3. Andrea says:

    check with your veterinarian. my moms dog had allergies to fleas, so when hurricanes hit here (florida) and all the fleas came out, if he got any, the vet said to give him some benedryl, but just check with your vet.

  4. Jasper's Girl, Venus! says:

    no! its not good to giv animals human medication. u should talk to ur vet b4 giving he/r any more.

  5. Mei Myou says:

    Oh dear. Never ever give your dog something made for humans without consulting a vet. Biologically they do not work as we do, especially their livers. Even many human FOODS kill a dogs liver, imagine what concentrated drugs can do?
    Is there a reason why you are giving these pills to your dog? If they are having a problem it is less likely they have allergies and more likely they have some other underlying problem. Always go to the vet, never try and self diagnose.
    Also, when buying pills of any kind you should really read the labels carefully and find out EXACTLY what they are. I am assuming "allergy capsules" are Benadryl. Underneath it will say Diphenhydramine. (These are sometimes given to a dog, but not in the same doses as a person so go to a vet.)
    There are many types of generic drugs out there, particularly allergy pills. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into what you are buying and how much to take. If you take too many all the receptors in your liver and blocked, absorbing the appropriate dose, and the drug builds up and slowly kills you. One Tylenol an hour for 48 hours will mean an emergency liver transplant.

  6. Drolkrad says:

    No some allergy meds could kill your dog.

  7. Sonia says:

    My vet said Benadryl is ok for dogs.

  8. Sandgroper says:

    since my sister is a pharmacist and I can get human drugs cheap, my dogs often get human drugs, including my last GSD that lived on allergy tablets. She was given quite a few varieties, polarimine being the usual one, as its the cheapest. The vet advised that the dose for my 35kg GSD was 1 tablet twice a day, unless she was bad then I was told to double it.

    Allergy tablets are about the safest drug humans and dogs can have, it is actually not something you can overdose on by accident.

    After saying this, I will just point out that in australia the dog tablets are cheaper than the human ones, so you can always phone a vet and ask what they cost.

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