Looking for a indoor watch dog in small size for my family?

I’m at home by myself most of the time as my husband travels a lot. I just wanted to find a small dog that is pretty good at letting their owners know someone is at the door or of noise. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. squeaky130 says:

    I have 2 Pomeranians that are great at letting me know if someone is by the door.

  2. SuzieBox says:

    Get a Miniature Pinscher!!!!!!!!!!
    They are small, but they THINK they are HUGE! They act huge. When my husband was deployed in Iraq I never had to worry about anyone coming to my door. My Min Pin barks like crazy and jumps up on the door. He scares the bejeesus out of EVERYONE! All people hear on the other side of the closed door is an insane attack dog! Most people just leave after hearing all the noise. Guess they dont wanna make that sale THAT bad.

  3. Emily says:

    Now do you want a WATCH dog or a GUARD dog? There is a huge difference. My Italian Greyhound makes a great watch dog as he always barks when someone comes to the door or is in our driveway/front yard but as soon as you get in the house he will cover you in kisses. My cousins olde english bulldogge is a great guard dog, he will bark when someone is at the door but will growl and defend his master until he gets comfortable with the stranger.

  4. joannm32@sbcglobal.net says:

    A Yorkie will bark his head off at any strange sound.

  5. Cameron_xxoo says:

    Chi hua huas. they are good yappers at any one at the door!

  6. peek says:

    well what ever you decided on what is best for your family pick that breeds rescue site.
    Beagles, Poms,keeshound..can’t help much ther I am a large breed dog lover for my protection.

    Good luck!

  7. Tracy K says:

    I have only one breed to tell you about,that is of the" Terrier Family".We have both fox and rat terriers!They are very territorial,always very vocal when they hear or even sniff someone at the door!

  8. ash says:

    Most definately the jack russell they are very smart and a very good watch dog I have 2 and they do their job well and they are a family orientated dog and also very loyal. I hope this helps you.

  9. shylilly_665 says:

    min pin or bulldogs there the best gaurd dogs and watch dogs

  10. Rebel says:

    Miniature Schnauzer

  11. worrellkathy35 says:

    a min pin i had one and a rottie at the same time ! by far themin pin was the beast in the hose but if any thung wasnreaily wrong my rott would have eatern anyone!!!

  12. aj.puppyluv says:

    I’m very partial to Min-Pins!!! I love the breed. But they are not an all around breed for just everyone, and can be too much to handle for a 1st time dog owner.

    However, they are excellent watch dogs, and sometimes guard dogs too. Most people have at least some fear of any small dog (especially Min-Pins, Chihuahuas, rat terriers, etc), as they are typically referred to "ankle biters". I’ve heard it said that crooks tend to avoid homes that they hear small dogs barking, they tend to fear them more than the large ones.

    Min-Pins are very alert & do bark A LOT. They are fearless and expect to be feared. They can be very protective. My mother-in-law can help me deliver puppies anytime with no problems. The moms have no problem trusting her with puppies but, if no one is home they will growl at her for coming the house.

    From what you’ve described, the Min-Pin sounds perfect for what your looking for but I would highly recommend doing some research on the breed characteristics if you haven’t spent time with any before.


  13. OregonChickFan says:

    I agree with the Min Pin. I had my baby boy until he was 13 1/2, we grew up together, as I was about 11 when I got him. Min Pins are called the King of Toys, as they think that they are big dogs. My Min Pin was great! He was little at 9lbs and about 13inches tall, but he would bark to let me know who was at the door, no different than a larger dog. Min Pins were used in Germany long ago as guard dogs. Also my Min Pin was never nippy, that can be an issue with smaller dogs.

    I am also a huge advocate of adoption. I would also check out your local shelters for a smaller dog. You’ll be saving a life.

  14. ♥Friends with Everyone♥ says:

    Get one that fits YOUR lifestyle.
    Try the breed selector quiz and see what breed(s) show up that are right for you.

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