My dog is 6 weeks pregnant what kind of signs should she be showing?

My girl is 6 weeks pregnant (on purpose) and she isnt showing too many signs. Shes an American Pitbull terrior and is slightly larger through her rib cage and her nipples are slightly enlarged, but if you didnt know her you wouldnt be able to tell she was pregnant. Should she be pretty big at this point? When should she really LOOK like a pregnant dog? And what other signs should i be looking for at this stage in pregnancy?

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  1. nosaj says:


    Have your dog and all pups fixed…before they leave your home.Stop being part of the problem,be part of the solution.The breed and world don’t need any more poorly bred Pit Bulls.

  2. none says:

    Please spay your dog

  3. †mongrel momma† says:


    It shouldn’t be hard. Take her to the vet. See if you can have her spayed, and stop being a BYB. While you’re at it, learn to spell your breed’s name.

  4. Shree says:

    She might only have like a couple of pupies if its her first litter, she should at least get a little bigger soon.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Excellent links Nosaj.

    So I presume this IS the b*tch that had heartworm and not only that but you have mated her on her 2nd season and she is only 1 yr and a few months now.

    Very responsible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BookFace says:

    She might not be carrying many pups. Dogs aren’t like people. Her tummy wont reach the floor or anything. She’ll get a little bigger, but wont be enormous like a human. Have her roll over onto her back as if you were going to rub her belly – if it is a healthy pregnancy, you will feel the babies moving. She will need a place to deliver and whelp the pups, start getting it ready now so she knows where she can go.

    I agree, you should get your dog fixed, or at the very least take her to a vet, but for now… I suppose all I can do is give my 2cents.

  7. TK says:

    Six weeks, that’s 6×7=35 days along. The zygotes don’t implant until Day 18. There isn’t fetal calcification until after Day 28. Now is the soonest there is anything much to show. She has another 25 to 30 days still to go and this is when the fetuses are beginning to look like dogs and putting on some size.

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