My dog wont obey commands unless she sees a treat in my hand?

My dog only takes simple commands like "sit", or "go there" when i have a treat or a toy in my hand. She obeys immediately when she knows she will get something in return.

However, wen i have nothing to give her she does not obey anything i say. i can keep saying it millions of times in different ways and she still wont obey.

How do i fix this?

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  1. SugarChick1369 says:

    Patience. Make sure when she does what you ask you give her the treat along with lots of praise. Eventually she will get the idea and won’t need the treat. When training a dog you need to be repetitious and have a lot of patience!
    Good Luck

  2. Emily says:

    my dog is like that to

  3. sjmdutch says:

    Obviously she has learned tricks….not commands. She needs to understand that there are circumstances for NOT following your commands.

  4. Alexa P says:

    you have to make the treat smaller and smaller every time you give her a command until you dont have a treat in you hand…it works 🙂

  5. .: Lil Miss Vegie:. says:

    teach her to do the tricks with your hand CLOSED around a treat then when you haven’t got a treat, keep your hand the same way you would when holdiong a treat, some dogs get tricked then just pat her when she does it right. Thats how i taught my dog, now she does it without treats 🙂

  6. ep h says:

    repetition. have the treat in hand and when she obeys praise without the treat. give the treat everyother time and then every two times then three times until she doesn’t know when she will get treat and when she gets praise..

  7. Lizzie says:

    Boy, she’s got you trained alright!!! lol

  8. Rosalie says:

    It sounds like it would be a good investment to go to an obedience class, and ask the intructor for help. There is a certain body language that good trainers have, that makes the dog move in the right direction with their body. You need to learn how they do that.

    It sounds as if you beed to train either without treats, or learn also how to randomize the treat they get – like someone gambling, they always think they’re going to ‘win big’, when infact, they may only get a treat only 3 or 5 times they do what the trainer asks.

    Any time training isn’t working, it almost always means that you don’t have enough leverage or enforcement – like a good leash, and whatever the correct training halter or collar is for your particular dog.

    Good luck!

  9. Gerald says:

    Dogs have unconditional love. They love ya when your gone they love ya when you come home.. But unconditional has one condition as far as the dog is concerned. You must give him a treat. Yelling is not the way — it upsets you more than he is. Our dog gets 2 pounds of Alpo Snaps every three weeks… He is the most happy friend I have ever had…
    Alpo Snaps in WalMart are $2.92 and they are a small square the right size for a treat…

  10. nebit214 says:

    first, never, ever say a command more than once or twice. The command is NOT "sit sit sit sit sit" it’s "SIT". I think you need to go back to basics. Put her on a leash and give her formal training sessions. Hide the treats in a pocket or a table. start by command and treating a few times in a row, then command but don’t treat. If your dog doesn’t perform right away make a verbal correction (a stern no, or an ahahk sound) and repeat ONCE while physically guiding your dog into the right position. Once your dog is in the right position, praise lavishly. then, command and treat a few more times, and then command with no treat. repeat. Once they perform reliablely that way, gradually reduce the amount of times they are treated in a training session (although always end with a treat). Eventually the dog should perform reliablely while only being treated occasionally (this may mean you need to keep a bag of kibble in your pocket for a few weeks!) Also, make sure your dog is paying attention when you correct- if she is staring off into space while you train, she’s not learning anything, if thats the case you may need a slightly "harder" correction, like a firm tug on the leash- just enough to say "hey! look at me!" Hope that helps. -Neb

  11. lil' miss sunshine! says:

    you must have tought her to do trick with a treat. when you teach your pup tricks you have to award her by petting her and talking in a sweet gentel voice.

  12. starzoomer says:

    Alright this is a bit tricky, but I have been working on it with my dog. It may seem a little "mean", but I trick her into thinking I have a treat. Once she does the command, I praise her like crazy, but no treat.

    Other than that, I have found that having her do multiple commands with just one treat rather than giving a treat after each command is very effective. She’s learned that she doesn’t get a treat every single time, and will now most of the time do her "trick" command (shake is all I’ve got so far) without a treat.

  13. amyjp612 says:

    Unfortunately, you probably made a psychological mistake in training her, that you gave her treats or a toy everytime she listened to a command. Then, when you try without a treat, she won’t respond because she’s smart and expects it. What you should do/should’ve done, was to give her treats sometimes when she listens, but not all the time. This will/would give a better chance of her listening without the treats, because she doesn’t know if/when she’ll get one. Eventually, with this method, she’ll just learn the command and forget about the treat.

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