what age is it recommended to start house training a puppy?

I just got my 1st puppy and he isn’t house trained yet. At what age is it best to begin? Any tips would also be appreciated! Thanks..

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  1. Pam says:

    As soon as you get the pup is the best time to start.

    Out after nap
    Out after eating
    Out after playing
    Out as soon as they wake up

  2. Proud owner of 6 cats and 2 dogs says:

    Start training him now. Just remember he can’t hold it for very long. You’re going to have to get up at least once a night to take him out. The sooner you start the sooner he’ll be trained and he won’t learn to go in the house.

  3. Chica Bonita says:

    right away is the best time, but it takes very young puppies a little while to catch on. they’re just babies and take time to learn the concept of outside to potty versus inside to potty. obviously being just babies they have a hard time holding their bladder. take a new puppy outside immediately after naps, playtime, eating and drinking, this will help them to catch on. always lots and lots of praise when the puppy goes potty outside.

  4. CarE says:


  5. vthokie12 says:

    As soon as you get them. Some times breeders start house training them.

  6. Present: Volunteer Future: Vet says:

    Train him as soon as possible! There is never too soon a time to train. The sooner you train him the better. He will get used to it sooner, which is great for you.
    1) Whenever he goes in the house, rush him to the spot where he should go and say "NO, bad dog" in a low voice, but be sure not to yell at him.
    2) When he goes where he should give him a treat and pet him and say "Good Dog, good boy"
    He’ll like the attention more and will soon start going where he should.
    Good luck and hope that helped!

  7. Karen B says:

    You can start house training immediately. Sometimes the easiest way to do it is to crate train. Every single time you get him out of the crate, take him outside to do his business. If he has an accident on the floor, take him outside immediately to "show" him that that’s where he’s supposed to go. (If you wait too long, it probably won’t do much good). Don’t get mad at him because at his age, it will just take some time for him to "get it." Keep in mind that very young puppies have to go pretty often, so you’ll probably have to get up at least once, if not two or three times in the night to let him out, at least for a couple of weeks. Some breeds are easier to train than others, so good luck.

  8. dogtrainer7 says:

    Right now don`t wait.
    Start taking the puppy out and say either "lets go potty" or something like "lets go pee and poop."
    Start by taking it out at least every 20 minutes for an 8 to 12 week old and stay consistent.
    Once when you are outside and the dog does do it business reward the command with "Good Potty" or "Good Pee and Poop"
    Be aware accidents will still happen as with any new pup and don`t get frustrated over it just immediately take the pup out even though it had an accident.
    Chances are it may not have to go again right away but stay out with it for at least a few minutes.
    Over time you can extend the time in between taking it out to first 30 mins. then 45 to an hour.
    If you are crate training your dog, at night place the crate on your side of the bed so that the pup can wake you up to let you know it has to go instead of having a mess to clean in the morning.
    Good Luck and God Bless

  9. PomeranianLuver says:

    Now. Take the dog outside every hour, and when he goes praise him, when he goes in the house, and you catch him, punish him. Keep him in a crate while you are away.

    Good Luck.

  10. Salt&Pepper Apricot says:

    Now. Just take him out every 45 minutes. It will take a couple months to house train.

  11. Loper9 says:

    the first night you bring them home.

    crate training is probably the most effective way because a dog will do everything he/she can to not use the bathroom where they sleep

  12. Chetco says:

    I begin house-training my puppies as soon as they are nibbling solid food.
    Routine is the key..
    Feed 3 times (or 4 times, if a toy breed) per day at the same times daily..Put the bowl away after 10 minutes..
    Take him outside after every feeding. He will go about 10-15 minutes after being fed, at his age. It will take awhile for him to learn/develop bladder control, but potty should be easier. Feed on a strict schedule, so that he isn’t fed just before bedtime, as he will need to go shortly after being fed..Young pups should be fed and then walked 3 (or 4 if feeding 4 times) times per day, UNTIL THEY POOP…He will need more frequent outings for peeing…Walk him just before bedtime, to make certain he is empty..
    Never scold for mistakes, but give lavish praise every time he goes outside, like he won the spelling bee…..Pups can only hold their pee for 1 hour, per month of age..So, its important to empty them just before bedtime..
    Use the same word every time, such as ‘do the doody’, or whatever..
    The most important thing is to watch him closely, and scoop him up and outside when he begins to act restless, turn circles, etc. soon he will whine and look at you when he needs to go.
    Be patient…

  13. Nikki B says:


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