What are the best dog breeds around kids and are also protective?

What are the best breeds around kids and are also protective.

(Yes I know any dog can be protective)
ADD: Not currently looking for a dog just doing a bit of research and don’t know where to start
ADD: Not currently looking for a dog just doing a bit of research and don’t know where to start
I’m working on a project but needs a few breeds to start with

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  1. whereswally says:

    If you’re doing a project I recommend getting a book of dog breeds out from the library and reading that.

    On here you’ll probably just get loads of people telling you how wonderful the breed they have is! 🙂

    Oh, and I have Boxers and they are wonderful 🙂 … and known for being good with children and bred to be natural guard dogs.

  2. Rachel-PitPolice-Spay the Humans says:

    Your very first considerations should be size, energy level, and exercise/grooming requirements. Most med to large breeds are known to be more tolerant of children, but there’s more criteria than that.

  3. Bella Cullen says:

    Shih Tzus .

  4. Nessa C says:

    Jack Russels

  5. Kristina W says:

    a rottwriler (idk how2spell) can be a very protective dog..

  6. blah says:

    i have a blue heeler and a chihuahua.
    i have had the blue heeler since i was little and she was protective. and my chihuahua is protective too. but idk about kids since there is no kids around me.

  7. Jillian D says:

    I have two mastiffs


    they are also super protective of our family

  8. gsgirl says:

    Smaller dogs tend to not be as well around children usually, unless they are around children of all ages from the get go. Actually, I was just reading a lot about American Mastiffs. They are very large, and very expensive, they however love children, and are very protective over their families!!

  9. tiny_lil_hottie says:

    small breeds don’t do well with children. they tend to be nervous and bite when children try to handle them. medium breeds seem to work well. my nieces favorites (i have 13 nieces under 6 adn 7 over 13) are my pit, then my lab. they like my dalmation cause she is calm but she doesn’t play ball and the pit and lab both do. i have a blue healer mix and although she will watch the kids like a mother hen she is an old dog and doesn’t know how to play with children.
    the point i am trying to get across is any dog brought up from pup with your children and treated well by you and your children would be good around kids. although i do seriously advise against small breeds for a first pet for kids.

  10. Jashebe says:

    Any dog can be protective. No more research needs to be done.

  11. horsingaround says:

    I would suggest you research Great Pyrenees. They are awesome dogs..big white teddies. They sometimes have wolf markings or like ours a lemon spots..to use with livestock most people put them in with their sheep as puppies and they eat sleep and bond with the sheep..the will go to pasture with them and have a really eerie howl when their is an intruder..we have coyotes around here and they stay away now lol..anyway oour friends did the whole leave it with the sheep thing but we noticed when their dog needed to go to vet they couldn’t catch him..we didn’t want that so we kept her with the sheep as a pup but we had play time with her too..she has bonded to oour entire household..she is very reserved with strangers but lets out one bark and goes to the barn..to check her sheep..when she does bark an alarm the sheep will immediately go to the barn and go inside..she will then go around the whole perimeter of our property..they are quick to learn but have a real stubborn streak much like a cat lol but are so gentle..Ava is 135 lbs and will let the barn cats lay on her and the lambs will huddle to her in the field..

  12. Kati W says:

    Any breed can be protective. Any breed can be good with kids.

    Some example of breeds that are protective:
    German Shepherd

    Example of breeds that are good with kids:
    Labrador Retriever
    Golden Retriever

    So those are some examples. But again any breed can be protective and good with children.

    Shelties are usually good with kids if socialized and they would protect their owners.

    German Shepherds are protective. And if socialized with kids, good with kids.

    And you can have a Lab that hates kids and protects.

    So it can be any breed. Any breed can be protective and good with kids.

  13. I <3 Buddy!!! says:


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