What dog breeds are ideal for southern Texas?

I live in the Rio Grande Valley deep in south Texas where the weather is hot and humid a good majority of the time. I’m looking for a dog that will fit right in with the weather down here. To narrow down the choices, I’m looking for a medium to large breed dog. One thing I know is that with the weather here, I’m not getting a St. Bernard anytime soon lol, so I’m just open to suggestions for which dig breeds will be ideal for the reigon of Texas I live in.

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  1. papaw says:

    I’ve owned Boxers in West Texas, and they did great, and boxers are great dogs, anyway.


  2. Nicola says:

    Pharoah Hound maybe
    Hungarian Vizsla
    Rhodesian Ridgeback

    All these breeds have very short coats and would be suited to a hot climate.
    Rhodesian Ridgebacks are from Africa so one of those would be ideal.

  3. *~ATL Braves Baby Girl~* says:

    A lot of breeds can adapt to that climate, so that isn’t really your biggest worry or issue.

    Narrow it down to a few breeds and do your research on those and see which one best suits your living situation and lifestyle.

    Look up the Boxer and Lab.

  4. Camirra says:

    I don’t know of any dogs that are specifically heat tolerant…but I know of several that are heat IN-tollerant. I think it would be easier to work this question in the opposite direction. ID the dogs that will not be good in high heat, high humidity situations, then the dogs you have left is the pool of dogs you can choose from.

    As you already said, I’d stay away from any dog with a heavy, thick coat. Go for short haired dogs. But in the pool of short haired dogs, stay away from Boxers. Because of their short noses, they don’t tolerate extreme heat well. Other dogs that have the "smooshed" up faces will have the same problems.

    You might consider a terrier (short haired variety of course).

  5. Shelbi says:

    its got to be Pomeranian or Chihuahua. i would really love it if you are to buy one puppy from my grandma. a little white Chihuahua came over her fence and mounted her Pomeranian. now she is worried that her dog is pregnant.

  6. Holly :) says:

    Single coated dogs and short haired dogs would be ideal! Things like labs and shepherds have double coats (i.e. undercoat) to keep them warm and it sounds like you’re smart enough to avoid putting a dog through Texas heat with that kind of insulation.

    Good breed choices might include some of these: Anything mixed with standard poodle (not mini since you’re looking for a medium/large dog) should have a poodle-type coat that will not be too hot. Super-short haired dogs like pits are a good choice *IF* you live in an area that allows them and if you are willing to do the work to ensure that your pitty would be well socialized and a good ambassador to his/her breed. Most types of terriers have good hair types for hot weather, but if you’re looking for a medium or large dog that might not be what you’re after. Consider also giant schnauzers! They need a lot of upkeep for grooming (haircuts every few months and brushing every couple of days to prevent mats) but they’re very spirited and sweet dogs.

    Please don’t keep your dog outdoors in the hot Texas sun for extended periods of time! If you’re going to keep a dog as a pet, consider that it will need to be indoors mostly because of the hot weather where you are AND because it’s just safer! Your dog will be a part of your family, not a lawn decoration. If your dog will be outside for a few hours at a time, you will definitely need to invest in a dog house and make sure that the area your dog will be staying in has good fencing *AND* that the dog is kept on a leash! Just because she/he is in a fence doesn’t mean there won’t be escapes. Dogs, particularly white dogs, can get sunburns. Keep this in mind and check into doggy sunscreen at your local pet supply store.

    Good luck in your search for a new life companion! Please consider adoption. Check your local animal shelter to see if there’s anyone there who needs a home and could fit into your world!


    I’m in Dallas Region of Texas and have a Pug/Jack Russell Terrier Mix! I don’t think you should get anything with long hair since it does stay soooo hot in Texas but def. do your research if you are really concerned about it! I’m sure there is a lot of info on Google or something you can find! Good luck and God Bless!

  8. Erika Taro says:

    The Afghan Hound. They are kinda hard to train, but were built to run in the hot Afghan sun.

  9. Dragongirl *.R.I.P Blade* says:

    An Aussie Cattle dog would be great. Look up the breed.

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