What dog breeds have attached rear dew claws?

I have a mutt and I’m trying to figure out best what her breeds are. It is very clear from her coloring that she is primarily yellow lab. My vet says that judging from her firmly attached dew claws (both front and back) that she is probably mixed with a larger hunting type dog like a great pyrenees.

can you tell me where I can find information on breeds with attached dew claws?
I already searched for dog breeds with attached dew claws and I can’t find much information. If you know a website or better yet, you know first hand information, please let me know.

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  1. Nedra E says:

    The best way to find out what breed she is, is to have DNA testing done.

    I have pyrs and know their dew claws are attached firmly to the bone, but that’s not the case in many other breeds. I doubt that there’s a website on this topic. Your best bet is to go to a website of a veterinary school and ask there. Schools are more likely to study such things. -!-

  2. lesbian 4life says:

    google it or google great pyrenees because i think i seen that on the dog show this morning

  3. jane e says:

    Strange you should ask this question. I live in Egypt and have a baladi dog, which is an ex street dog , She was rescued, brought back to health, and we adopted her. She has a back dew claw, only one, but I have never seen a dog with this either. Because of the mix down the years your vet could very well be right.

  4. Lorraine says:

    I don’t even know if rear dew claws is breed specific.

    We get lots of badly bred rotties with their rear dew claws, and I used to have a JR cross with awful rear dews.

  5. flip says:

    all dogs are born with dew claws. Most breeders remove them as little puppies. I personally leave them on.

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