What is the best dog food brand available at walmart?

I might be getting a 3 year old 88 pound male lab/golden mix soon, and I was wondering what the best dog food brand available at walmart is. Please include prices if possible.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    This question has been answered before and here is the link to the answers. 🙂


  2. Bare Nekkid TRUTH! says:

    Purina ONE is probably about the best brand there.

    I dont shop at your walmart, I dont know what size bags they carry.. I dont know what the prices are.. either give your local walmart a call.. or drive down there and check out the prices for yourself.

  3. melissa ann says:

    I would say go with Iams. Here’s a website with prices. Our Boston Terriers love Iams and they are healthy as ever. If he doesn’t have allergy problems with corn/gluten then he will be totally fine eating Iams.

  4. kenny says:

    kibbles n bits, my dog loves that shit

  5. Shanna D says:

    Personally I wouldn’t buy anything from there. You may pay more for a better quality food but you will feed them less so sometimes it balances out. If you have to, thinking what they have off the top of my head, Pedigree is probably the best of the worst, I think it’s about $20 a large bag. I have also heard Costco has a low cost dog food that isn’t too bad, but not sure of the name.

  6. ♥shelter puppies rule♥ says:

    If you’re worried about prices already, don’t get a dog. You have to be prepared for regular wellness care and emergency vet bills.

    You might pay more for a bag of higher quality food, but you can feed less of it and you save money on health bills down the line so the price evens out.

    But really review your financial situation and be honest if you can afford a dog at this time.

  7. Tiffany says:

    i would not reccomend buying dog food from walmart you need to go to a pet store like (petsmart petco) that carries a higher quality of brand of food if you want a healthy dog. i give my dogs science diet dry food with pedigree wet food. science diet costs around 15 bucks for a month worth supply and i buy a 12 pack of pedigree wet food which lasts a week and costs around 7 bucks.

  8. Sha74 says:

    Its best to buy a dog food that has a meat listed as the first ingredient.

  9. Holly says:

    Walmart does not carry ANY good foods. Sorry.

  10. Cheryl says:

    I do not shop at Walmart (none near where I live, no judgment) but you do want to get a food that has the main protein source listed first and no corn, grain or by-products and that should be a good food to go with. Purina One while it does have chicken listed first the next ingredients are rice, corn, grains and by-products (by-products can be beaks and hooves for all you know) so not a good choice. Iams used to be a good dog food company until it was bought out but is now a not so good food. The first ingredient is chicken but then it is corn, grains and by-products. And Iams as a company even has a webpage that tries to justify it’s use of corn products which leaves me with little respect for the company and not a food I would choose.

  11. Dexter's perfect gift says:

    A friend of mine that has the same breed of dog I have (Papillon) feeds Actrium holistic dog food that she gets at Wal-Mart. I can’t speak for the quality, since I can’t find an ingredient list on any websites, but I know her dog has the same wheat/gluten allergy my Papillon has, and this food works for him great. And she used to feed Before Grains and Wellness, two very good quality foods, so I can’t imagine she would step down the quality that much to save on costs (she was in teachers college with family support, but then had to fend for herself after graduation, thus the switch to Wal-Mart dog food).

    I would do some research on dog foods, the Dos and Don’ts and then head to Wal-Mart with a calculator to figure out what fits your budget.

    Good Luck!

  12. cjrossi says:

    Wal-Mart does not sell any good dog foods.

    Since you are inquiring about what the ‘best’ food at Wal-Mart is – you apparently want to get your dog good food.

    Costco’s Kirkland and Tractor Supply Co’s "4Health" dog food are two of the least expensive ‘good’ dog foods I know of.

    Canidae is an excellent food that is much higher quality AND less expensive than ProPlan, Iams, Eukanuba and what-not. Price is about the same, but because it’s so much more nutritious you don’t have to feed as much, making it less expensive.

  13. takemehomeagain kathleen says:


  14. Carrie says:

    Some Walmarts now carry Newman’s Own. It is a decent brand. Other than that, I would go with meat/organs and either homecook or feed raw if you can’t get to a pet store that sells better brands.

  15. Poor_Man says:

    The best brand at walmart is Rachael Ray’s Nutrish. ( i actually compared all the ingredients from the foods at walmart..because my Aunt asked me the same question) If you must buy food at walmart get Nutrish… I highly suggest getting something better tho: FROMM, Blue Buffalo, Halo, Wellness, Holistic Blend..etc..etc.

    Nutrish is a less than a dollar a pound. ( i think)

    If they do sell Newmans Own Organic… get that !!!!! that would be by far the best at walmart.

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