What is the best dog food to get a dog beefed up and strong?

No i am not trying to fight my dog i just need the best dog food that will get my dog thick but muscular

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10 Responses to What is the best dog food to get a dog beefed up and strong?

  1. rich says:

    supplement their food with real meat. ckicken, tuna, or ground beef make good additions to their food

  2. becky says:

    To be honest the best dog food for your dog would be an all natural one, dog foods bought fromshops like pedigree dog food is full of rubbish its like giving kids fizzy drinks-not good!
    the best dog foods ican recommend is CSJ or james wellbeloved these are both all natural dog foods and are very good for your doggy to keep him fit and healthy!!!!

  3. Proud Pit Bull Mix Owner says:

    Feed him raw meat. The raw meat will make his skin healthier. Walk him and run him everyday to make him more athletic and have a nice muscle tone. They can eat the bonetoo. the un cooked bone on the raw meatis easily digestable. i give my dog a chicken leg everyday and she looks great.

  4. Keith says:

    I would go natural and high protien… Just remember with protien you have to excercise your dog A LOT

  5. marci knows best says:

    Any premium food plus lots of healthy exercise. If you are talking about a pitbull, they are not supposed to be beefy. Notice these dogs are lean and muscular.


  6. Jackson+Remi+Molly=Family says:

    The same for any dog- a high protein, preferably grain-free or low grain dog food. Dog’s digestive tracts are not built to digest grain- they’re half as long as ours and they don’t have the grinding molars that people an herbivores have.
    Also, lots of exercise. I rollerblade with mine, and he sometimes carries a backpack with treats and the house keys.

  7. Alexis says:

    The best food for your dog is Beneful Playful Life. There is no food to make your dog stronger so I would suggest playing with him to make him stronger. And this food keeps him active. Hope this helps!

  8. --- says:

    You can find a high quality, high protein food such as Wellness CORE that will meet your requirements

    And to the person who recommended feeding a chicken leg to your dog, NEVER give your dog poultry or pork bones. These splinter very easily and can severely hurt your dog. If you insist on giving a bone, a beef bone is the best option. However, even then, you’re risking your dog getting sick from any bacteria on the bone.

    Good luck!

  9. Nathen says:

    DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY PEOPLE FOOD!!!!! Speak to your vet hey will know the Perfect food diet to keep your Dog healthy remember they are professionals.

  10. Thoms M says:

    Byrba Manzo is an good food for dog it will make your dog not only buitefull but also it will make your dog muscular , I have use the dog food to my dog now my dog is the smart dog, active, then any other dog that my freinds hase. use this product…

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