what would be a good home remedy to relax my dog for grooming?

My dog makes it impossible to get groomed especially around the face area. It becomes very frustrating and he ends up with a horrible look.

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  1. sarah says:

    always check with your groomer to make sure they accept dogs that have taken any sort of anxiety pills or sedative pills!!!!!!!!! i work for Petsmart and we do not accept dogs that have taken any. a lot of things can go wrong when a pet has taken these pills while being groomed, and a vet is not always at hand. always tell your groomer if your dog has taken any medication!!!

    if your groomer is at a vet office, they should be able to take pets on medication.

    HOWEVER, please use this as a last result. maybe your dog just needs a little TLC and a gentle hand. his groomer may not just be the groomer for him. stick around and watch the groom, or see if there is someone else there with more experience that can give it a try.

    some dogs just won’t get over it. some dogs will just NEVER like it and will ALWAYS bite or fuss. there is usually always a way to just get it done, and half of the solution is finding someone who is patient enough to groom his face.

    if it still can’t be done, it might just be best for his face to not look the greatest. he could hurt himself by biting the shears or clippers, and cutting his mouth or tongue open.

  2. decbaby8303 says:

    i went to petsmart and got some stuff called quiet moments and its a tablet you give to the dog and it relaxes them..i gave it to my puppy for car rides and he pretty much slept the whole car ride..

  3. alicia m says:

    i work at a health food store and the thing people use the most for their dogs is a product called rescue remedy it works wonders it just calms the dog down people can even use it

  4. justagirl33552 says:

    I don’t believe you should give anything to your dog, and if he hates grooming so much, why do you do it?

    Is he a type of dog that must be groomed often for health reasons?

  5. Michael (the) Williams says:

    Give him a treat while grooming. If he/she bites put your hand in a fist position. When your dog gives up biting your hand give him a treat and start grooming while he is eating.

  6. spence says:

    All around the best home remedy for your pleasent companion is your love, clamness. The groomer should take it very easy talking to your pooch saying that this won’t hurt a bit. Relaxing remedy are not advisable because they make your dog sluggish and the fear of the " oh so scary groomer with the scissors in his hand!" are not reduced with means that he get stressed out
    let me tell that worse than any bad hair day! He might have had a bad expirence with the groomer befour and that just means that the person who grooms must win back the dog trust.
    Stay with your dog when he get groomed. It a process that takes detremination. Good Luck.

  7. fille de verre says:

    Have you tried gravol? Our vet gave us this tip and it’s very safe. You just have to be careful about the dosage though apparently it still won’t harm your dog if you accidently give it too much. For a small dog try a third of a 50mg tablet, for a medium sized dog try about a half a 50mg tablet and for a large dog try a whole 50mg tablet. They will become immune to them eventually. We have to give our dog -she’s 2 years old and 18 pounds- about 1 1/2 of a 50mg tablet(s) whenever we go on roadtrips and they don’t have the same effect that they used to but the vet insists that they are healthier then a prescription. Do yourself a favor and call your vet clinic before giving him anything and they should be able to tell you the correct dosage for your dog over the phone. Also, most people are aware of this but I just wanted to add it in to be safe, many medications contain acetaminophen wich can be very harmful and fatal to your dog. Please be careful and be sure to check all labels prior to administering any meds to your pet! Good Luck and I hope this was useful to you!

  8. april_hwth says:

    benadryl is safe to give for dogs. Not sure of the dosage. CHeck with your vet.

  9. walkinglady says:

    You can try Bach’s Flower Essences, Rescue Remedy. It’s all natural and acts like a mild tranquilizer but with no side affects. I use it for 1 of my dogs who’s afraid of thunder. Don’t know the size of your dog, mine’s 70 lbs. and gets 4 drops. It takes about 20 minutes to take affect and you can buy it in some drug stores, health stores or from a holistic vet.

    However, I’ve never had to give any dog, my own or others, anything to keep them calm for grooming. Do you perhaps need to just relax and calm down yourself to keep the dog calm. Is this a very young dog? Just be patient, do the grooming in stages, let him rest. What kind of dog is this? Are you clipping, stripping, brushing, what? Try a little more patience.

  10. My dog is my BFF says:

    Same to me! well i don’t use any medication. I usually groom the face when he is sleeping because they don’t care about it. My doggie usually naps around 2p.m i groom her at that time. At night around 11p.m he usually sleep and rolling his back (like human), I groom him that time too. See what i’m saying?

  11. Mark S says:

    the best way is NOT to medicate your dog because of it, they are obviously stressed out and scared when they get groomed the best way is to buy a brush and practice with your dog even just five minutes a day get them used to the idea. if they see it enough and get the idea that the brush is NOT going to hurt them then they will calm down eventually but the idea is to start some where less sensitive and work your way up to the face slowly its not going to happen overnight and if you really care then you will take the time to teach your dog that this is a happy time, bribe them with treats as your doing it and relax yourself because the moment you begin to tense up the dog will to

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