What's the best dog food for my 7 month old chihuahua?

My newly adopted chihuahua is 7 months old..what is the best puppy/dog food for his kind??? Also what is the best food to give him when he is older???? THX!!!

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  1. CUGGLE says:

    Check out some books from the library about natural diets for dogs. Most commercial pet foods are full of fillers, pesticides, chemicals and by-products including rendered animals (euthanized cats and dogs) and diseased meats. I am NOT kidding. Even the brand IAMS, Science Diet and some other high price foods contain by-products – YUCK! Give your dog a good start and find out how to feed a dog with good meats, veggies and vitamins. It really isn’t very difficult and your dog will live much longer. Grandma’s dog who ate table scraps always lived a long time. Commercial dog food has only been around since about the late 1940’s and unlike some other countries (U.K.) the laws in the U.S. allow for terrible stuff to go into pet food. However, there are some natural commercial pet foods available (if you don’t want to make your own food). Now that people are becoming more aware of what is in pet food, some good brands are popping up. Petco and big commercial places like that do not carry natural pet food so you would have to go to a natural pet supply. On the west coast there is a chain called All the Best Pet Care. Look for brands like Wellness, Innova, etc…. which do not contain corn, hulls, pesticides or by-products. Good luck! Oh and here is a list of some good brands: http://www.allthebestpetcare.com/dog_food.html

  2. clowmy says:

    Hi, The best dog food to me is Iams. Get your baby a 15lb. bag of Iams puppy food. It has very thing your pup will need to develope right. When you pup turns 1 year old,change to the 1+ YEARS of Iams. You will always have a health dog on this brand of dog dry food. A Friend.


  3. deegayle4me says:

    Try to use a good quality puppy food if you can. He will be ready for adult food soon. You can even start mixing some with his puppy food. Talk to your vet

  4. bubkiss says:

    Go on line and dial in dog food. Look for holistic dog food which is probably the best there is and chose one from the list. I just bought dog food for my little dog from Dr. Jane (I’m sorry but I do not remember then name of the company. Good stuff. Good luck with your little doggie.

  5. TigerJoe23 says:

    look for brands like Solid Gold or Science Diet where they offers food for juvenile canine in ‘small bites’..its generally smaller abt size of a pea which makes the eating easier..until when ur dog starts teething and starts to replaces their milk teeth den by proportions u mixes the small bites into adult food,which is den lesser in calcium but richer in other elements which is necessary and appropriate for his growth..aniway congratz on the newly adoption and may a wonderful time lies ahead for u and ur CHH..Regards.

  6. don n says:

    I would use a dry dog food such as Purina One Puppy chow for small breeds. This will be good until he is about two and then I would go to the adult bag. I have been well satisfied with this brand, it is mid range in price and seems to keep my dog’s coat shiny, her nose wet and her belly full.

  7. sarah w says:

    I have a chihuahua, it was so hard for her to gain weight at first…keep your dog on puppy food for at least a year…thats most important! (buy what you can…its worse for the dog if you keep changing it!) we put ours on "science diet" "iams" is ok too. stick with the same brand even when he gets older…just switch to a dog food (same brand though) that matches him after a year…Example: if hes fat -"weight management"..skinny-"wet food" (absorbs faster), active-"active dog" etc. you get the idea.

  8. chetco says:

    If I still was breeding Chihuahuas, I would feed them Karma, 95% organiic dog food> http://www.karmaorganic.com/ there is a link on the left side-bar to see if there is a dealer near you..
    I feed Canidae, and after trying many other brands, I would never switch. .Other great kibbles are Innova, Wellness, Solid Gold, Natural Balance, and Wysong..
    Wysong is a bit expensive, but wouldn’t cost much for a Chihuahua..
    At your Chihuahua’s age, he will do fine on a premium adult or all stages diet..
    None of the kibbles at your grocer’s will have enough nutrition for a Chihuahua…Including Iams, which has far too many fillers.

  9. sassy chick says:

    We’ve had our little girl chihuahua since she was 8 weeks old and 1-1/2 pounds. Two years later, she is thriving at 5-1/2 lbs. on the same brand dog food: Nutro Ultra which comes in 3 age groups – puppy (until 1 year) then next is their adult formula, and finally their senior dog food. I’m not exactly sure when you switch over to the senior level, but the bag will tell you. It’s dry dog food, which is good for many reasons, one of which is that it’s great for fighting tartar. Canned or moist dog food can get into crevices of their teeth and can just sit there causing tartar and cavities. You can buy Nutro Ultra at any reputable pet store; an 8 lb. bag costs about $9 and they offer a larger size. We prefer the smaller bag since it lasts for quite awhile. The larger bag could last too long, and might lose its freshness. Good luck with your little guy — chihuahuas are so much fun — little dogs with a big attitude !!

  10. Kate M says:

    I agree with sassy chick . she feeds the same thing I do to my chihuahua it is good food.

  11. Fang says:

    i have two chihuahuas (8 mo and 1 yo) and ive been feeding them canidae for the past month. i’ve noticed they’ve become leaner and their coat is looking better. if you plan on feeding your dog kibble, go with the high quality ones like canidae or innova

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