whats the best dog food to feed an English bulldog and to build up muscle?

Hi i just got an English bulldog and i want to feed him the best food. i am feeding him blue buffalo and i heard of Solid Gold Barking dog food. i want to build his muscle up and make him have a lot of energy? i wanted to know what the best kind of food would be because i do not want him to be lazy and fat. o and what are some good vitamins to feed him to build build his muscle and have allot of energy? thanks

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  1. Allison says:

    I would stay with the Blue Buffalo because thats a really good brand. For him not to be lazy and fat, food can’t fix. Lots of walks would do him good!

  2. MamaBas says:

    Feed him, if he’s a puppy, the food he’s used to eating – what his breeder had him on. If you switch abruptly, it will only upset his tummy. And you can’t improve on what’s in his genes – give him time to mature and what’s meant to be, will be. He won’t be lazy and fat if you put him on an appropriate exercise schedule, one that’s right for him at all stages of his development. If you attempt to force this, you will regret it.

    You don’t need to add supplements like vitamins. All good dog /puppy food will already have all the vitamins etc. he needs.

  3. Mario says:

    English Bulldogs have a lot of skin problems and they do better if you feed a grain free food. I feed Natures Domain from Costco. as to building muscle you just need to give him plenty of excesses, but you should know that they are not very active dogs, and do not handle the heat well at all. What I suggest is that you start reading information on the breed. this will give you so much information on how to care for them. You need to keep their folds clean and their tail if it is up against the skin. Also keep an eye on their ears they tend to get dirty real fast and they need to be washed, with an ear wash not water. You have gotton a breed of dog that is high maintenance and I think this breed requires the most medical attention. But I still have them because I love the breed.

  4. Snoop says:

    Blue Buffalo and Wellness are great foods

  5. Heidi says:

    I’ve been looking into this question myself. I’ve found some great answers from http://www.bigbulldogs.com. There is an article about food and the breeder who has tried everything is really honest about his preferred brand and gives guidelines for how much to feed. Look under the tab called "Ask the Big Bulldog." He also takes questions and is great with a quick response.

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