Why does my dog bark at certain people?

Mostly every day, a man I have known for years comes over to my house to feed his sheep in the field that he had rented in front of my house. He seems to be a pretty ok guy, besides a little sketchy. He hardly ever comes in the house, but my two dogs always bark at him an chase his car when he drives away, something they rarely ever do to anyone else. Why is this? Should I be worried about the guy?

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12 Responses to Why does my dog bark at certain people?

  1. ye_river_xiv says:

    This dude feeds sheep. I’m guessing not too many other people you know do this. Guess what? Sheep meat goes into dog food. So… this guy is probably the only one who smells like sheep (dog food) that your dogs have ever met.

    Now if I knew a guy who smelled like pizza all the time, I’d yap about that. So can you blame your dogs for doing the same thing?

    I suppose he might smell like something sketchier too. If you got your dogs from the pound or something, they might know the smell of drugs. But all you can report to the police is that your dogs chase the guy and his car.

    If he ever uses that car to move sheep, or sheep carcasses, the dogs are probably just hungry, and contacting the police would only get him in a bad mood.

    As far as dogs being psychic? Please. They just have a better nose. Dogs can sense when someone is nervous. It could be he was attacked by a dog when he was a child, like I was, or maybe he’s nervous of you, because he needs to rent your fields in order to make a living… or, he might have a thing for you that he knows wouldn’t work out. Dogs can smell stress, and people stress about all sorts of different things. Your dogs know that barking at him causes more stress, so they figure he’s a bigger problem than he is.

  2. iheartninjas says:

    cause he wants to…….duhhhh? 🙂

  3. Slith says:

    u sed it urself the guy seems ‘sketchy’..i’d keep him at arms length..animals have that sense about danger

  4. Nikki says:

    I don’t think you should be worried….It’s probably just a sign of agression because the dogs think it’s thier territory and the guy shouldn’t be on it. =]

  5. LORETTA Chapman says:

    BECUASE: he senses his Inner personality; all dogs and babbys’ are psychic. they know, worn you who is right or wrong

  6. Blue-Eyed Soul Jim says:

    because the dog can hate certain people!

  7. tom s says:

    never trust any one your dog dont like

  8. Cavalier Gal (: says:

    Dont worry, dogs like certain people just like us humans do.

  9. Ashley J says:

    Dogs can read energy, and Aura’s. If this man isnt giving off a good Aura, or an Aura that is opposite of yours, your dog is going to bark, and feel uneasy about him. Thats why in the movies, when the dog always barks at the killer, its probably because the dog can see that the killer has a pretty dark and mean Aura, or energy about him. Dogs are so smart. <3

  10. kayleigh says:

    it could be that they feel threatened by this man they sense a lot and can tell who to trust and not

  11. Emily says:

    dogs have the 6th sense. one time i thought i was going to have to give my JRT up for adoption and my old boss and her son wanted her, so i brought her over to see them. she growled and cried and snapped and them and wouldn’t let them even get close to her. a few weeks later i found out some very disturbing things about these people. my dog knew!!! she knew these were bad people!!! your dogs are just letting you know something may not be right with this man

  12. 2 boxers mom says:

    Dogs are a wonderful judge of character, listen to them. 😉

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