Why does my dog bark at me for no reason?

My dog looks at me and starts barking. Not an angry bark, but like she is talking (if that makes sense!) a really high pitched bark. I thought it may be because she wants to play, so I call her over but she still lies there and keeps barking. She stops after about a minute. Is there a reason for this?

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  1. Gwendalyn says:

    She is probably just a barker, some dogs just bark.. a lot. you shouldn’t enforce the behavior, ignore her when she does it and reward her when she is quiet. you could put her into a crate when ever she starts to bark, and only let her out when she is quiet again. be patient!

  2. Ms. Phalange says:

    My dog does this too she just wants to say HEY Im here and i love you! if you know what i mean but pretty much just yeah she is talking to you go over and pet her

  3. misss_understood says:

    She just wants your attention. She wants to communicate with you and maybe just make sure you can understand what she is saying!

  4. ~*Lindsi*~ says:

    If she’s barking at you for no reason.. then.. no there isn’t a reason..

    Probably there is a reason though, you just don’t know what it is 🙂

  5. Iggy's Screamin Demon says:

    Barking to get your attention, to say, I am here, love me, and play with me…….showing their affection for you.

    its a happy, loving bark..

    my dogs do it, and will do it if they want us to play…..and will bring us their toy and here we go, and if I just sit there and let them hold it in their mouth, they drop it to the floor in front of me and bark, and when I go to pick it up, the race is on.

    its funny…barks of love and affection…

  6. cocomookie says:

    cuz ur a bad owner

  7. MarkinNY says:

    I agree, some dogs are just barkers. If you’re sure nothing is wrong with her, she’s probably just talking to you. One of our dogs used to bark alot and after a while it gets annoying. We were able to train her to minimize the duration by ignoring her and rewarding her when she stopped. Of course we only ignored her AFTER giving her attention, playing, talking to her, etc. There are many ways you can approach it – depends on the dog as to what will work best.
    I bought this book – http://yahurl.com/9jgz4 – and learned alot about training our dogs in so many ways. I highly recommend it!

    Good Luck!

  8. Kate says:

    When they do that, they are trying to get your attention to tell you something or ask for something. Try to think of all the things she could need or want that she may not have. You are her provider and it’s up to you to make sure she is cared for. Alot of times they have no fresh water in their water bowl. Does she have to go out? Is she hungry …is it near her dinner time which should be the same time every night. Check her ears to see if they are clean and are not red and infected. Lift her lips on each side and check for bad teeth or red and swollen gums. That can be a most painful condition to have tooth problems and it’s an awful , maddening situation. If she seems to have any medical problems that need attention, make an appointment with your vet. Just because they can’t speak doesn’t mean something isn’t bothering them. She may just want to toss around a toy or be brushed and get some attention. So try to be more tuned in to her needs and maybe the barking will stop. Good luck.

  9. JOHNNA says:

    He might want somthing…to eat, to go for a walk or some attention

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