Why does my dog bark when I stand up to leave?

She’s ok when I leave, just sits looking out the window, but when I get the kids’ jackets on and ask them " are you ready", the dog goes nuts. It’s not possible to take her with me all the time. She won’t calm down and I’m fed up shouting at her to shut up. As I say, she’s ok when I leave. She doesn’t bark all day. I’ve not had her since a pup, although I’ve known her for 10 years. She was my mums’ dog and I’ve inherited her. Why does she hate us leaving, switching the lights off, putting jackets on and switching the TV off? She’s driving me mad, the whole street can hear her!

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    It’s called SAD..separation anxiety disorder. The dog is afraid of being left alone and will usually freak out as soon as you leave the house. I had this same problem with a cocker spaniel that would howl like he was being murdered as soon as he was left home alone. I suggest you keep at least one light on and turn the radio on to make the dog thing someone is home. It’s a psychological problem that affects many dogs because they grow so attached to a family that the thought of being abandoned makes them go nuts.

  2. Nancy Kay says:

    Separation anxiety…read up on it online at some dog care sites.

  3. paintedrain2 says:

    She’s just excited. She probably thinks she’s going to go for a walk, or a car ride. No reason to yell at her over that. Maybe do the routine sometimes, but end up taking her for a walk. That way she can get what she expects sometimes.

  4. eightysgurl04 says:

    have you tried taking her for a walk before you have to go and then put her in a crate before you start your whole getting ready to go routine.

  5. MNKYFLIP says:

    what did your mom do when she left the house, you said you shut off the lights and tv, my dog goes nuts when i leave cause he knows im going out, i leave on one light and the tv, when i get out hes fine, teach him what no means, dont yell it scares them more…they dont know why your yelling….

  6. nicol s says:

    usually the dogs doesn’t like to be left alone,

  7. milky says:

    I have a dog that when ever you put on your jacket she wont stop following you. Anyway dogs are smart, and they know when you are going somewhere, and they think that since your leaving then your dog thinks maybe it is going to get out of the house it spends 99% of the time in. You could try leaving her in a room with the door closed, so she don’t see you getting your coat on. If she barks when she does that, don’t worry, she won’t do it for long. What you say could be key, so try not to say "are you ready to go" to your kids, instead say "Time to leave the house" (or something simular) that way the dog wont understand what you are saying.

  8. J&K's mom says:

    Don’t shout at her. Just ignore her. She’s just trying to get a reaction out of you.

  9. yoshiko says:

    She has separation anxiety, is to break old habits, but you can start by taking her to a different room and after the kids have their coat on and out the door let your dog back in. This will brake the routine and may de-program her conditional response and perhaps improve her behavior. Good luck

  10. rick b says:

    she likes u 2 much she dose not whant you 2 go

  11. litnu_mts03_luvs says:

    she probably thinks you’re gonna take her for a walk or she’s probably sad that you’re not taking her with you. when you turn of the lights she probably likes the lights on coz she’s scared. when you turn off the tv she probably likes it on. she just wants you to spend more time with her or doesnt like to be alone.

  12. moerkblaabjerg says:

    1. My life only lasts about 10-15 years. Every separation from my pack leaves me in sorrow. Consider this before you buy me.
    2. Give me the time i need to understand what it is you want me to do.
    3. Dont be mad at me for long and dont lock me up as a punishment.
    4. You have your work, your plaesures and your friends, i only have you…
    5. Talk to me! Even though i dont understand your words, i know when your talking concerns me.
    6. Remember i will always remember how you treat me!
    7. Before you hit me, remember that my jaws easily could crush every bone in your hand, but i dont use my strength in that way!
    8. If i annoy you, keep in mind that i might have a stomach ache, im tired or im sad!
    9. Please make sure that i am always well groomed, my fur, my claws, i cant do this my self…
    10. Take good care of me when i get old. You yourself also will get old one day…

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