does ICK SUPER CURE drops kill the benefetical bacteria in my aquariums ?

i have and aquarium and i noticed that the fish are starting to have some white dots on their tail , the vet told me that it is ICK and i got ICK SUPER CURE , i have a biological AQUASAFE filter and i am afraid if this medicine will kill the benefetical bacteria. and what are the after maths of ICK SUPER CURE DROPS?

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  1. Carl S says:

    No! Most ich remedies used properly will NOT kill nitrifying bio bacteria in your filter.

    These bacteria are gram positive and it would take a medication that is effective against gram positive bacteria to kill these (such as Erythromycin)

    I would read these two current information articles as a reference to what I just stated:
    Medications; all about:

    Nitrogen Cycle:

    And for further information about the treatment and prevention of Ich I highly recommend this article:

    :~) C

  2. Robert O says:

    not entirerly…… kills only micro cosmic(RELLY SMALL) bactiera nothing o worry about becaus when you do the water change the new plancton will re juvinate lost ones

  3. Rob says:

    Chemical cures will kill bacteria in your tank, and will also harm you fish. Some fish die when you put these chemicals in the tank, so I would shy away from that. Saying that, a natural cure is SALT. 1 table spoon of aquarium salt per 5 gallons, and rasing the tempreture to 87-89F should do the trick. Keep this up for 2 weeks, and the paracite should be gone! After 2 weeks, start removing the salt by doing small daily water changes.

    Good luck


  4. stargrazer says:

    Most of the medicines developed today will leave most of the beneficial bacteria alone, so you won’t have much of a problem in that respect.The Ich medicine is for killing the ich parasite and not a bactericide. After you have cured the ich, put the carbon back into the filter and do a partial water change.

  5. Chris says:

    Not all of it. If you do lots of water changes and you don’t leave the meds accumulating in the tank. You shouldn’t loose MUCH. If you do, then I would put the fish in a different tank!

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