How much does an average hermit crab eat in a week?

I feed my hermit crab whenever her shell is empty, but shje never eats more then 1 pellet every 3 days. Normally she only eats one a week. Each pellet is about the size of a fine sharpie marker. Is this normal for her to eat so little?
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  1. Nan says:

    Yes, it is normal. When I had hermit crabs about a year ago, they would eat about that much, as well. I was able to find some hermit crab "cookie" or treats for them that they seemed to really like and eat more often. Maybe you need to try other foods for your hermit crab?

    They can eat fruits and vegetables, that I know. But when I would feed that to my crabs, they would barely even touch it. You could always give it a shot. Just remember, you’d need to throw away the left overs after a couple hours, since the fruits and vegetables will start to get gross and yucky.

  2. Cheryl Millard says:

    You pellets are too big as the hermits use their smallest claw to transfer food to mouth parts so the pieces of food MUST be small enough for that small claw or cheleped to grasp. I have included several sections of my research paper on hermit crab care that addresses your questions, it seems like they do not eat a lot but they do if conditions are right, try giving them treats like "Organic" raisins, oatmeal, and peanut butter, all without preservatives and added sugars and syrups to watch them eat, I have trained several of mine to eat from my hand.
    4.Food Preferences Both Commercial and Fresh
    Hermit Crabs use their smallest pincher claw called a Cheleped to transfer food to mouth parts. Food particles must be small enough for their smallest claw to grasp and transfer food to the mouth. In addition to commercial foods they like veggies, fruits and carrots,( carrots for the Carotene are also important to maintain their bright color), fresh foods can be slightly over ripe. It is best to experiment to see what your individual crabs like best as they like a combination of both.Don’t feed them anything spicy, hot, or with preservatives in it. If you cook, set aside a piece of steak or chicken, non-marinated to grill lightly for the crabs.Hermit crabs love fresh fruit like pineapple, apple, pears, grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon, mango, papaya, strawberries, and crabs will go crazy for coconut shavings.etc. If you aren’t sure that pesticides have been used, it is best not to feed it to them, but if you can’t find an all-natural grocer, wash your fruit thoroughly,Remember to change their food every day/night. Hermit crabs love to bury uneaten food, and can cause molding and is messy.

    11.Calcium and Carotene
    Cuttlebone is the hard structure in the head of the Squid ,you may purchase them in the bird section of your pet store, ground up they provide an excellent source of calcium as does ground up oyster and egg shells. Post molt Crabs crave cuttlebone and will stand at the dish of ground cuttlebone and eat to their hearts content. Sprinkle a bit in their water is another way to help them get their requirement of Calcium. Carotene keeps your Hermit Crabs color bright , you can get this through carrots and color enhancing fish flakes. Ecuadorian Hermit Crabs seem to suffer from Carotene deficiency more than other species of Hermits
    5.Copper Free Clean Dechlorinated Water
    The water needs to be dechlorinated. The chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals in most tap water or in water from natural sources can kill hermit crabs by causing the gills to blister (causing eventual suffocation) and copper will kill invertebrates which are what hermit crabs are. Aging the water will remove the chlorine, but not the chloramines or copper, so both products for dechlorinating and removing copper from all water sources is a must because you do not know how the water is really treated before coming to you or through what kind of pipes it flower through, so play it safe., If you don’t want to dechlorinate tap water, you can use spring water instead, but be sure it it either treated correctly if you know its source and if it has been treated, distilled water is incomplete for mineral content which is important foe hermit crabs,however, make sure nothing has been added to the water for example like the brand called Dasani and other bottled water contains magnesium sulfate "for our taste"which is bad for the crabs.However, Zoo Med water conditioners are not effective and should not be used. Well or spring water although natural may be chlorinated at the pumping site and the water may have come in contact with older copper pipes that adds copper to the water. Copper is toxic and will kill invertebrates like crabs, snails, coral, in both fresh and salt water situations. Fresh dechlorinated water in a non metallic bowl shallow enough for the smallest crab to safely escape is ideal,some use a natural sea sponge placed in the bowl so all can can exit safely. While the "Caribbean" or "Purple Pincher" (Coenobita clypeatus) seem to do perfectly fine with only fresh water it is nice to have a bowl of salt water for them to choose from. The Purple Pincher prefers fresh water while some hermits such as the Eastern Pacific Land Hermit come from areas that have little fresh water available and drink only salt water, it is essential for Ecuadorian Hermit Crabs to have either brackish or salt water. It is best to buy a small sack of salt used for salt water aquariums as it does not contain harmful the harmful Iodine that is in table salt and a specific gravity meter to measure salinity if you are going to keep either crabs, these meters are not expensive and are usually made of heavy or plastic or ceramic. Metallic bowls become corrosive when in contact with salt water as well as Hermits have a sensitivity to metal so heavy pet bowls or crocks heavy enough to withstand their climbing without knocking them over is mandatory for all food and wa

  3. Eatmie says:

    You don’t have to feed Crabby pellets; if you ate rice everyday with a muli-vitaimin, you would servive, but you wouldn’t be happy, would you? Here is the same web site I’ve given you previously, but this is the link to the questions:
    **What to feed your new pet?

    **What do they need to eat to be healthy?

    **Treat Time!!

    Here is the link to that page from Hermit Crabs ,com:

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