Cadillac Dog and Cat Food is it OK?

A local pet shelter had a story that they desperately needed canned cat food, plus they needed canned dog food, cleaning supplies etc.
I got them 12 cans of Cadillac dog food @ 39¢ per 13.2 oz can. I got them 24 cans of Cadillac cat food, also @ 39¢ per 13.2 oz can.
I know it isn’t the best stuff, but they have a LOT of animals and a severe funding problem. They have yet to turn the heat on, despite 35-40° nights now. They have no cash.
With tax, this was . That’s all I could afford. At least all their cats and most of the dogs will get to eat for another day. They told me the had no donations in 3 days.
I feel terrible that I can’t do more and I know they need help. They have enough dry food on hand to feed the animals for about 1-2 weeks and there’s a fairly steady stream of dry food being donated, so while the supply is lower than normal, they aren’t completely out of food.
I’ll probably do another worth next week. Hopefully others will help them get over this rough spot.

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4 Responses to Cadillac Dog and Cat Food is it OK?

  1. Bonzie12 says:

    Good for you. Keep up your kindness and you will be rewarded. Bless you.

  2. Robert G says:

    Our homeless eat out of dumpsters, I am sure these furry friends are grateful for whatever is served.

  3. Adrienne A says:

    I have never heard of this brand, but the most important thing is that the animals are getting the nutrients they need before they get to their forever homes. The only suggestion I have is to read the label, check to see if the product has been approved by feed trial or just meets the standards of AAFCO. Some manufacturers make the food and never feed it to an animal, it goes on the shelves and we the consumers feed it to our pets.

  4. Leanna G says:

    We all need to help our local groups. Perhaps if everyone pitched in then we could focus more on quality and not quantity. Good for you to take on this initiative. The food may not be the greatest in quality, but at least they’re getting some nutrition. None of us should forget the animals in shelters as we prepare to splurge a little on our furry kids this approaching season.

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