Can a female dog produce milk even if they arent pregnant and care for another dogs puppies?

HELP my female american bulldog had 13 puppies on sat and she isnt taking care of them and friends of mine have a lab that had babies 10 months ago who was a great mom is it possible that she could produce milk and nurse my puppies i only have 10 left please help as fast as possible.

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  1. Senior Airman Gregory C says:

    I don’t know if that is possible. I do know that you can go to the pet store and buy a mother’s milk replacement kit. It’ll have a bottle and some dog milk replacement in the kit. If I were you I’d go get some of that instead of hoping that another dog may start feeding them. You should go to the vet and he or she will tell you exactly what to do and show you how to do it. Do you know that new born puppies can’t potty on their own and need to be stimulated to do it? If so do you know how to do it? If not then you need to go to the emergency vet.

  2. KoAussie says:

    Yes, a non-pregnant bitch can begin lactating and act as a surrogate nursemaid to the litter.

  3. danielle d says:

    It is possible for them to do it just don’t know if it would happen for you. Just be careful of course that your friend’s dog is willing.

  4. horsingaround says:

    That is possible but very very hard to do..take the pups to the vet hoestly it is best for them to teach you how to bottle feed babies..and that way they can get checked over..we had a little pom that never had pups the whole time she lived with us (she was 6 when we got her) and when hubby brought home orphan kitten something stirred in her and she nursed the kitten..with the lab she could be given hormone shots and stuff but it is hard on the dog..the vet has puppy milk that has all the required vitamins and stuff..for now use evaporated milk warmed with a bit of water you want it to be a bit thick and use a doll bottle or eyedropper they will suck but be careful not to drown them..don’t feed them on their backs..Our dog had 14 and we fed 6 for her and it worked out but it was hard going at first..have you tried letting your dog have a few to herslef and just letting her be? Oh and take mom to the vet a hormone shot might instill something in her..
    Best of LUck!!

  5. kwgirlroper09 says:

    It has happened with other female dogs if she would take on the puppies that her milk would come in but it might take a while to get the milk to come in and the puppies would die probably before that. What u need to do is put this bulldog in a room with the puppies preferably in a smaller room and keep her locked in with them. If this is her first batch it might take her a while to get used to them. Try making her lay down and placing the puppies on her so they can suckle her. If u keep doing this for the first hour she might take them then. Sometimes the mother has to be nursed before she will accept them especially if she is a new mother.

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