can goldfish live in a creek?!?

im not being cruel but i have no tank nor drops OR air pump for my fish my mom wont let me buy supplies I would feed them at the creek so they would not starve or should i take them to the pet store but they cant be free there.the guilts killing me there in a bowl right now help!

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11 Responses to can goldfish live in a creek?!?

  1. jerry b says:

    No, please do not introduce non-native species into the environment.

    However, yes, it could probably live in a creek for some period of time, depending on the creek.

  2. LuvNatalie says:

    Uhh I don’t think so . The creek has a current right ? The goldfish might not be able to swim strong enough to survive . It might also get eaten by a bird . But I also think they can live cause a creek is freshwater ..

  3. nickstaaaaaaa95 says:

    no they would either die of bad water or predators just bring them to the fish store and someone new will but them so thell be happy

  4. Mad Spinach says:

    they’d probably get eaten there….why would you get fish if you knew you couldn’t take care of them?

  5. sharp_ej says:

    Yes, as long as its fresh water and not salt water.

  6. L says:

    Nope, goldfish need to live in a large tank in a certain temperature and should live in clean water with a filter. They also need to eat fish food, if they start going to the wild they might die because they don’t know what to eat. Like a Liger, it needs to stay in captivity.

  7. Emma says:

    Absolutely not. They are domestic animals that will either die or turn into invasive species when they are released into non-native environments. Either way, it’s incredibly cruel and unresponsible. At least taking them back to the fish store you don’t risk collapsing an entire ecosystem.

  8. FishLover says:

    Something will probably eat them if you release them into a creek, and they swim into some lake, or something where there are larger fish than them.

  9. Barry says:

    In many states its illegal to introduce non native species into the ecosystem, causes alot of problems, pet store animals carry many diseases that can wipe out populations of native animals.

    If you cant care for them properly do the mature thing and take them to a petstore or give them to someone who can.

  10. summer says:

    It is very bad to introduce non-native animals into an environment.

    A good example would be the Snake Head.
    it was introduced as someones pet turning it lose and now its killing tons of native fish, and destroying habitat.

    Not saying that a goldfish could do this, but it still could be bad.

  11. guinea pig luver ♥ says:

    no. absoloutly not!

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