can humans eat and live off dog food?

if you were locked in a room for 6 months and had only water no food but a endless supply of canned dog food could you live on it or will you die

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24 Responses to can humans eat and live off dog food?

  1. HesykhiatheTauren says:

    Lock yourself in a room for 6 months and let us know how that works out for you. I’m curious.

  2. Elena says:

    Yes, but you would not be very healthy.

  3. Dave says:

    yes you could
    Actually, its more nutritious than the average hotdog

  4. Mattfox14 says:

    All pet food has to be fit for human consumption by law.

  5. urmom337 says:

    ya maybe if dog food has the vitamins ya sure

  6. BIGpApi209 says:

    id break down the door

  7. Lilly says:

    I don’t know what kind of question is that?? Do you have a can opener??

  8. I ♥ Fяed says:

    Yeah you could live on just the water.
    Peace and God bless you!

  9. yelenaaa says:

    i don’t see why not

  10. Mr.LATiN says:

    you have survive so far…so yes..

  11. Fred G. Sanford says:

    Esther Anderson could.

  12. jacknaranja says:

    It probably tastes like crap, but dog food is probably more nutritious than Burger King or McDonald’s.

  13. frans says:

    i’m sure you could but hey, well only know for sure if YOU try it. Go for it!

  14. lola834 says:

    yes you could

    its just prosessed bits of human food

  15. Nicole says:

    you would live

  16. catkeypurr says:

    I suspect that would be healthier than most of the junk we eat!

  17. michelle h says:

    You would not die but you would experience malnutrition. Dogs need different things than humans in their diets. I would suspect a person would end up with scurvy and possible kidney issues with that diet.Not to mention a huge depletion of vitamins.

  18. Chigirl says:

    I would eat dry dog food if I had to, but canned…Ewwww! I’d probably die first…lol

    I don’t know, it depends what brand of canned food it was. I’ve seen some of that stuff looking like beef stew with slices of beef & all kinds of veggies, so I guess it would depend on what kind I had to eat.

  19. daniel.eakin says:

    Dear Sir or Madame:

    In the most extreme situations, such as the one you described, it might be feasible. However, there are health risks associated with the consumption of food meant for animals. Among those are the fact that the quality of the food might not be fit for human consumption.

  20. Curly Kid says:

    Weird Question,
    No, because dog food does not have the nutrition we need,and the taste is not appealing to or taste buds. But you could drink the water 😀

  21. ani says:

    yes you’d be a bit of a state after though i wouldn’t feed my dog tinned food its disgusting stuff

  22. Siarrah says:

    It depends on what kind like the benful cans you can live off those but
    you wouldn’t live until 30 years old.

  23. Arizona says:

    Some senior citizens do this that live way below poverty level sadly.

  24. john ross says:

    probably could, but your health would not be so good.

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