can I feed my dog chicken breast that stayed out over night?

Every week I grill my dog chicken breast and mix it with her food well last night I left it out its been well cooked but it was her whole supply for the week

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  1. Curtis M says:

    Okay…dog’s stomachs are pretty much bulletproof when it comes to germs. A dog can eat an animal that died last fall, froze over that winter, and defrosted the next spring. So no, it won’t hurt the dog. But feeding cooked proteins isn’t a good idea, dogs aren’t evolved to eat cooked meats like we are. A lot of dogs are allergic to cooked proteins actually. Feeding raw chicken would be better, do a little research on the BARF diet, it might make sense to you. If you have any questions about feeding raw feel free to e-mail me…always happy to help somebody with dietary questions!

  2. Summer66 says:

    It should be fine, but always make sure there is no bone, chicken bones have spurs that can tear the esophogus, and get stuck and cause death

  3. ncisrocks498 says:

    I wouldn’t recommend it being that it was out all night

  4. mariekitt24 says:

    I would still feed it. Did you know that you dont actually have to cook dog’s meat?

  5. lissyvonzip says:

    I would say no, but my dog has eaten day old chicken breast out of the garbage (because he used to be a garbage dog), and he never got sick… actually I’ve had my cat (who is also a garbage cat lol) eat RAW could day old chicken and not been sick…. So I think animals have a higher tolerance to these foods…?

  6. ♥Love is WDR♥ says:

    Humans cook food to kill bacteria, etc, and make it digestable. Dogs don’t need anything like this to digest food. I’m pretty sure your dog could walk up to 15 day old road kill, grab a chunk, and not get ill. Don’t worry.

  7. Great Dane Betty says:

    OHHH ur cheat on the diet huh (breaking the no table scraps rule, i guess if its routinely it shouldnt matter though) umm it should be fine idt there should be a problem

  8. Dances With Woofs! says:

    Yes – dogs have much stronger stomachs than we do – they eat garbage.If you’re worried,then heat it in the microwave for 45 seconds to kill any bacteria.

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