Can I leave my pet in the pet carrier all day?

I was wondering if it is okay to leave my pet locked up for 8 hours in a carrier while Im at work. My parents say it is wrong but I want to crate train her. I am putting her in my bathroom with food and water but she is making a huge mess and pooping every where. I really want to crate train her. Is this okay to leave her locked up that long with no food and water and then feed her when she gets home? She is 6 months old

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  1. arinad2000 says:

    That is cruel. Don’t get a pet if you are just going to lock them in a crate for 8 hours with no food or water. Are you for real?! She obviously needs training, not solitary confinement. Maybe you shouldn’t own a pet.

  2. Tim S says:

    No! Absolutely Not!!!!

  3. A W says:

    A pet carrier is way too small. Get a training crate which is much larger and gives her room to move about. You don’t say what kind of pet it is… Whether it’s a dog or cat, make sure you give her plenty of attention and play time when you get back.

    In any case, make sure that she has plenty of water and food, and a couple of chew toys. 8 hours is definitely the max amout of time…

  4. hunterjumper28 says:

    No, thats horrible! You wanted the puppy, its your responsibility to train her. Not just lock her up. No water? Seriously? You have no right to have this poor dog.
    Give her to someone who actually wants her.

  5. googler_47 says:

    You are simply an idiot. A dog needs to be walked!! No dog, even one being crate trained should be locked away without a walk, food or water for 8 hours! Get a book on how to train your dog and read it before your do your puppy harm. Quite frankly you do not deserve a innocent creature to care and look after if you are so incompetent and uneducated/stupid!

    And to the person who answered something along the lines of everyone is doing it then they are an idiot as well! If everyone jumped off of a bridge would you? If you have a dog you commit to looking after it and giving it the care and attention it needs that means NOT leaving it in a crate for 8 hours!

  6. Jesse W says:

    sad to say but if you can’t handle the dog then give it away the dog needs to be open and alive not locked up in the bathroom and the dog poops everywhere cause he has no where to go

  7. JenVT says:

    you don’t specify what kind of pet you have, but crate training is good for dogs- they need enough room to stand up and turn around, plus a little. If it is older than six months, then 8 hours should be fine. Also, it’s not horrible. Lots of people do it while they are at work and if you think they are coming home at lunch to let fido out, you’re mistaken. My dogs stay about 8 hours each day, but they are out the rest of the time and get plenty of exercise and attention. I guess most of these people don’t have to work for a living!

    ADD: I assume by pet carrier you mean a crate. My terrier’s crate looks like a pet carrier, and I guess it could be considered both since it’s airline approved, but it is plenty large enough for her and her toys. And if you want to house train, don’t leave food down. Feed twice a day at approximately 12 hour intervals and pick up what she doesn’t eat after about 15 minuites. It will cut down on the poop clean up!

  8. bobbye71 says:

    I definitely wouldn’t do that to my pet

  9. ♥Dreaming of alittle one♥ says:

    What are you nuts??????????????????? NO WAY can you ever do that to an animal… Would you like it if you were locked up in box for 8 hours…. I don’t think you’d like that… I really hope your just kidding about this b/c that’s animal abuse with no water or food….

  10. LuvAnimal says:

    PLEASE read up on how to properly crate train you poor dog if you must leave a Radio on but if you a worried of them chewing furniture make sure You give it a long walk remember a tired dog is a happy one

    BTW- she will need water and she is only six months

  11. Not a Lame Dame says:

    Of course your pet cannot go all day long without water!!

    Your pet will be in the carrier 8 hours (minimum) while you are at work – (if you work an 8 hour shift, you’ve got to factor in your travel time to and from work).

    Then another 8 hours in the crate (minimum) while you are sleeping?? Let’s do the math here, that would be at least 16 hours out of a 24 hour day. This is not a good situation, for you or for your pet.

    I hate to tell you this, but you are not in a situation to provide a proper home for a dog at this stage in your life. What happens when friends want to go out after work, etc??

    I beg you to find a home for your dog where they will not be subjected to the cruelty of solitary confinement for three fourths of their day each day. This is an important time in their development and lack of stimulation and interaction is going to retard their mental development (they will be "stupider" than their true potential).

    Please, please do the right thing and wait to get a pet when your life circumstances are better suited to it. An animal is not a new gadget that you get out and play with, then put on the shelf until next time.
    Act now while your dog is still maturing and learning and would make the right family a good life long companion.

  12. BoBb says:

    Crate training is fine you just have to make sure that your pet has food and water and enough room to move around. Also you might want to include a chew toy or a treat. Depending on how old your pet is (assuming its a puppy) the older they get the longer they can hold there bladder. Of course no longer than 8 hours. Also make sure you get a crate meant to fit them when they get full size, for the time being you can block off some of the area not needed. Also recommended will be a blocked off area with the same supplies listed above. You can block off with those baby gates and remember in that situation you can always use potty pads. Good luck and hope that helps =]

  13. mcally (McKenzie and Pinky) says:

    For the love of God people! People crate train dogs all the time!! It isn’t cruel! As long as you walk your dog before you leave for work, it should be fine. Make sure the crate is just large enough for the dog to turn around and lie down in.

    Google crate training, it isn’t cruel, leaving the dog loose and it getting into something that could kill it is cruel.

  14. Deb says:

    It sounds like the problem needs more than confinement to fix it.

    To begin with, if a dog is left alone for 8 hours and has food and water available, it will almost always need to go to the bathroom, whether in a bathroom or crate. Especially a younger dog who has not yet gained the ability to hold it for longer periods of time.

    Here are some options…
    1. If possible, have someone, a friend, or parent come over 3-4 hours after you have been gone to take the dog out to relieve itself.
    2. Come home on your lunch hour to let the dog out to relieve itself.
    3. Hire a pet sitter to stop over to let the dog out to relieve itself.

    Your dog, and most other dogs should ALWAYS be walked in the morning for at least 15 minutes, then again in the evening for a longer period of time. Dogs need walks.

    Feeding the dog while you are gone will inevitably make the dog "have to go" when you are away. Is it possible to feed the dog as soon as you get home from work instead, then before you both go to bed, the dog should poo and not have to do this when you are at work.

    Always have water available when you are home and a small amount available when you are away. A safe chew toy/bone when you are away may help with the dog’s boredom.

    Do not neglect the morning and evening walk. You have a dog now and you must commit that time to keep him/her mentally and physically healthy.

  15. GlittaB says:

    Of course not!!! A puppy needs attention and love 24/7.You should have known that before you bought it.Please do not.The thing needs water and food!It also needs to play with something,or be walked.Thats just not right leaving it in a carrier for 8 hours!Make somebody watch her, or put her in a room that she can move around in.Make sure she has toys,food,water. If not,have someone watch her.If that doesnt work,give her to somebody that will take care of her.I’m just telling you the right thing to do.Hope you find a great solution that works out for you and the dog.

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