Can I use garlic to deworm my cat of tapeworms?

One month ago I used a dewomer for dogs to deworm my cats.It did actually work, the worms came out in their stool,but they're back.I had to use the stuff for dogs because in my city pet supply retailers cannot not sell the cat stuff.Only vets can and I cant afford the 0 my vet wants for me to bring them in. I have actually found a guy who owns a rescue clinic who can sell me cat dewormer but he doesnt get any in until wednesday! It's friday and my poor babies are already locked in the basement and it's breaking my heart.I heard that a couple of pieces of garlic a day will kill all the worms. Will it? Is this gonna keep them away and should I still use the medicine ?

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7 Responses to Can I use garlic to deworm my cat of tapeworms?

  1. Melissa78 says:

    I have never heard of this working! As far as I know garlic is only good for repeling fleas!

  2. Mary J says:

    I wouldn't use that. it's poison for dogs, and it's probably poison for cats too.

  3. The Vet Tech says:

    raw garlic like that is harmful to cats and dog. and its very unlikely you will be able to get the cat to eat it.and why are they locked in the basement? you cant get worms from your cat unless you keep your house very unclean and then its a very very slim chance. you need to get a dewormer. it works the best. alot of vet will just sell you the pill call around to different ones and ask how much the pill is. you dont always have to bring the cat in. and 200 dollars is way over priced anyways its usually only about 30-60 bucks for a visit and about 10 dollars for a dewormer pill.

  4. rvtworkingmom says:

    Nope…..depending on what kind of dewormer your "friend" has it may not kill them as well… plus a lot of the over the counter stuff does not work as well….. it is usually not a correct dose plus it may not kill the types of worms that are common to your area, there are many species of parasites.

    To know if they are tapes….you will see little rice segments around the bum or in the stool…they may even move. They get them from fleas (during grooming) and from eating mice….. the nice thing is that is the only way they can get them….even eating the segments (ewe gross) will not give them it….

    If you saw spagetti like worms…those are round worms…..and 99% of puppies and kittens have them….they can easily reinfect themselves plus the nasty part is we can catch the larva…. we dont get intestonal worms we get whats called larval migrans… the skin…rare cases the eyes.

    The best solution is to take a stool (poop) sample to the vet and have them test it along with a physical…..that way they know what they are dealing with…. I know money may be tight…but that is the best may want to talk to you vet first…they may only need to see one kitten to prescribe enough medication for all (it depends on them)….home solutions dont work… plus there are things that are toxic to pets that we take for granted…. plus not all dog products are safe for cats…

    ..for example…the over the counter "spot on" flea treatments for dogs is deadly to cats (plus they dont work)…..i have seen too many cats die from people trying to save a few $$ this way.

  5. Deb S says:

    I'd call a vet to ask. I heard the other day that garlic is bad for dogs. Seriously.

  6. D says:

    Absolutely not! Garlic has an enzyme in it that can kill cats.

    What did you get any animals for if you can't afford to properly care for them?!

    Now you have no more excuses. Your vet gets paid, the cats get the medical care they need, and you can make monthly payments on a NO-interest loan.

    Are you aware that it is their RIGHT BY LAW to receive medical attention and that by denying it you are not only doing abuse, but can be cited as well?

    GET THEM TO THE VET. DON'T WAIT. And NO home remedies from some "friend" or "guy down the block."

  7. Racquel says:

    No it wont kill the worms..
    but… you can buy the powdered garlic and sprinkle over the canned food ( i dont think a cat/dog is going to eat pieces of garlic)… the garlic is supposed to keep fleas away…
    tapeworms are caused by your pet eating his fleas.

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