Can you put a Quaker parrot in a cage with a cockatiel?

I have a year old cockatiel and want to get another bird to keep him company and i do like quaker parrots and i was wondering if i got a baby quaker would it be ok in the cage with the cockatiel as it is a very big cage?

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  1. Suzi says:

    If you want to get a bird, for your bird – get it a cockatiel. If you want another species – you’re getting it for you.

    Mixing hookbill species in any cage is never recommended, unless the birds are completely bonded, and non-aggressive – first. Even then, you may have territorial disputes later, due to hormones.

    Cockatiel or Quaker, the new bird should have it’s own cage.

    New birds should always be vet checked and quarantined for at least 30-45 days – away from your current bird.

    Please don’t buy your new bird from a pet store, especially if you’re in the US. Petsmart isn’t selling birds, due to a psitticosis outbreak.

    Pet stores get their pets from huge breeding mills. All of the 775 Petsmart stores buy their birds from one vendor in Florida (the source of the outbreak), as do many other large and small pet stores.

    Please don’t support breeding mills – avoid pet stores who sell live animals. Find a good breeder, or adopt from a rescue or humane society.

    Other good sources on the web are craigslist and petfinders. Don’t forget your local paper. You may be able to find a healthy bird that comes with it’s own cage.

    Good luck to you and your bird(s)!

  2. squirrly_sue says:

    probably not a good idea both Quakers and cockatiels are flocking birds and can be aggressive to birds that are not their own kind.

    if you want a friend for him try another cockatiel, but be aware that when you have more than one bird they typically spend more time with each other and are not so friendly to you.

    if you want a Quaker try keeping it in a different cage next to the cockatiel, and introduce them outside the cage with caution.

    if you truly just want company for your cockatiel mirrors will help, but spending more time with him yourself is even better.

  3. Zaire M says:

    Well it depends on if it gets along with each other. If they fight, NO. If they for some reason like each other, YES. I have a one year old cockatiel too. Her name is Carlita. OH, I reccomend getting another cockatiel for the the bird insted. Inless you just want another different kind of bird, that will be alright. Good luck!

  4. rangerbaldwin says:

    Give each bird its own cage and its own space. Some Quakers can be territorial. Also the quaker will probably grow bigger than the cockateil and can unintentionally become a bully.

  5. MamaSmurf says:

    Not a good idea. Quakers can be very aggressive and may kill the cocktiel even though it’s the cocktail’s cage. The cockatiel may become aggressive because it is her cage and try to protect it. Get another cockatiel, but still you will have to introduce them slowly. Put the new cockatiel in a cage and keep it in another room for 10 – 14 days. That way you make sure it isn’t sick and give something to your other bird. After that time, you can put the cages near each other and see how they do. Don’t put the cages together so they are touching, because some one can loose a foot or get a bad bite. It may take several weeks or more to get them used to each other. If you finally do put them in a cage together, watch them closely for several days to make sure they are getting along ok. Don’t leave the house with them in the same cage during this trial period.

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