Care for old dog with 10 teeth extracted?

My folks adopted an older dog with peridontal disease. He just had 10 teeth extracted, unfortunately. After the operation, he felt very tired and did not have an appetite.

The dog was not that well-taken care of before the adoption–he ate a lot of human food and now refuses to be on a kibble diet. Thus, my folks gave him some chicken, rice, steamed vegeatables, and some crumbled kibble for food.

Now that he just had extractions, what should he eat? What else should they do to care for him?

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  1. TroubleBubble says:

    Poor old guy! I think your parents have the right idea as far as good foods for him. Chicken and veggies are good for dogs and he’s used to human food. Given that he’s got 10 teeth missing and he’s probably already tender, don’t offer hard, dry food until he’s healed. It’s likely that he’ll never be able to eat it again. Also, he’s not hungry because he’s not healed; expect that for a few days. But, if he loses weight, refuses hydration and doesn’t eat for more than three days, call your vet.

  2. pammie says:

    Surely the vet gave you antibiotics to give for a few days.
    If he was mine I would mix him some kibble w/can dog food. He’ll be ok.

  3. Rod H says:

    Try baby food to start then soft wet dog food

  4. Fetch 11 Humane Society says:

    Depending on what teeth were extracted, he may never be able to handle eating kibble again. The chicken, rice, and steamed veggies is one of the best diets you can give an older dog. It’s nutritious, will fill the dog up, and will be easy on its mouth and tummy. Supplement the dog’s diet with liquid vitamins and soft (canned) high-quality dog food.

  5. ST. JOHN says:

    Kibble is not necessarily good, just cheap.
    You do not have to give a dog "dog food". Many "premium grade" dog foods are actually human grade food. "Dog food" is just cheaper, and not better. Chicken and rice and steamed veggies are good-you can leave the kibble off, it does not help at all. Also dogs will eat eggs, scrambled or fried. A little salt does not hurt, but heavy spice and pepper is not good. Often people will feed their aged dogs Vienna sausage, potted meat, and tuna or Jack mackerel. It is not expensive and is good for the dog.

  6. Animaholic says:

    My greyhound had quite a few teeth removed at an old age. She passed away four years ago, not due to the teeth removal.
    The vet said in a few days she should be able to eat her dry food again, as her gums are different then human gums and would heal well. But, because of her age, her appetite was not so good either. She was on an excellent diet. I fed her Canidae, Solid Gold, or Chicken soup for the Soul.. However, I would put her dry food in with some liquid, like chicken broth, (low sodium) and put it in a food processor and made little meatballs out of it. She loved it. I would put them on a plate for her and she could just swallow them after getting them in her mouth. She loved it and really appreciated it!. I fed her that way for a long time because she did so much better being fed that way. She was able to keep on weight almost to the end of her life. Just make sure the dog is eating a high quality food. Some good brands are, besides the one I mentioned earlier: Wellness, Innova, Newman Brand, Natural Balance. Look in the phone book under Pet Supplies and search for companies that advertise holistic foods. They will sell the better brands of foods that do not contain by-products, BHA, BHT, Corn, ethoxyquin, and colorings.

    I wish I could thank your folks myself for adopting an older dog!

  7. Jane D says:

    Same thing happened to my 17 year old poodle he went in to get a mole removed and they yanked 10 of his poor teeth. it was touch and go for a bit but he finally made it through. I had to feed him pablim its like mush really . and give it to him in a seringe at first and then little by little you put it in his bowl put some on your finger and let him start licking it . takes a while so have patience best to sit on the floor with him and keep giving him his bowl of mush on your finger he will end up eating it just takes time. Then once he gets back to his old style you can slowly ween him off of that mush the vet gives you and he can go back to wet food. My dog can’t eat any hard food anymore since most of his teeth are gone and he’s lost 4 pounds and can’t seem to get it back. Just give him lots of love and attention and nurse him back to health he’ll get there He’ll know you care and love him and he will eat.

    Good luck

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