Does a dog care whether his food is warm or cold?

I have a dog and I place his canned food in the fridge. When I was about to feed him, my mother told me that I was evil because I didn’t warm it up. Is she right? lol

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  1. Bre says:

    You have to wait and give the dog both choices, warm & cold. Your mother isn’t your dog, the dog will choose whether or not you are evil for warming up it’s food or not. All dogs have different kinds of thinking on which food tastes better than the other. I would have to say the warm food is probably better for you dog but there is a first mistake for everything.

    But you not warming it up wouldn’t make you EVIL!! LOL!!

    Good Luck with that then!! 🙂

  2. Tenacious says:

    Most dogs don’t care and, if opened, canned food is best kept in the fridge. In other words, kind of cold.

  3. PrincessGirl says:

    I have a dog, her name is coco. I think that she sometimes does mind if it’s warm or cold because when she is cold in winter, she wouldn’t want something that is cold to eat, she would want something warm. Same with summer, my dog loves to eat ice cream. When I have ice cream in summertime, she will try to get it right out of my hand. lol. Well I think all dogs are the same, so maybe it would like it cold or maybe it’s in the mood for warm food.

  4. Dogs and Death Metal says:

    because if feed my dogs raw food
    for me it does matter, i dont want to give her spoiled meat

  5. John says:

    They shouldn’t care really unless it’s a spoiled dog that has trained you to offer it a better choice of food.

  6. Sea shell says:

    Okay it just depends on how your doggie likes it. To find out just get a dish of cold food and one of warm food. Have him try both. If he keeps eating the hot one then he likes the hot food or vis versa. I really think cold food would be a treat for the summer. Also i would do a little research on what kind of food you are feeding fedo. If the food says chicken by products or anything by products it is BAD. That can contain hooves, intestines, tails, bones, eyes, beaks, and claws. Yes i know it sound unbelievable, but trust me. Also most commercial commpanys use cheap meat like road kill and uthinized pets! If there is corn, corn meal, or anything corn this is also very very very bad. It is a filler. It gets not completely digested and what does get digested turns into sugar and can give your dog diabeties. I never heard about this till i researched it when i was expecting a new puppy. Giving your dog commercial dog food is what is evil. The one commercial dog food that is amazing for dogs is Blue or blue buffalo. I feed my dogs that. So i hope i answered your question and even told you more lol.

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