Does a one-eyed dog need any special care in terms of its’ missing?

Hello, I am considering adopting a two year old Shih Tzu that is missing one eye. Apparently her previous owner was abusive and neglectful and she got an ulcer in her left eye and it had to be removed.

What kind of special care might it’s one eye need? Will it open that eye socket or keep it closed?

Will the dog have issues because it was abused?

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3 Responses to Does a one-eyed dog need any special care in terms of its’ missing?

  1. ReggieR says:

    Most of the time vets sew the socket closed to keep from it getting any type of infection in that area. The working eye should not need any special care.
    There’s ofter issues with dogs that have been abused. You need to work slowly with the dog at first and see how it responds to you. I have seen dogs that are fear biters and dogs that end up as loving partners and everything in between. Taking your time is the key..

  2. Fallon[Pugs, Not drugs] says:

    There is two ways this could go personality issue wise.

    1.)She could be the most loving, grateful dog you’ve ever met because she knows you’ll take care of her.
    2.)She’ll be scared and not even want you to be close to her. In that case it takes alot of time and patience to get her to personality 1(stated above).

    I’m not really sure about the eye, The vet may have sewn the eye shut so it can’t open. I’d ask your vet.

  3. SemolinaPilchard says:

    Dogs do perfectly fine with only one eye. They don’t lament the loss and feel sorry for themselves like we would. They accept it and move on. The skin is ususally sutured shut when the eye is removed and the hair grows back. You will notice the hair moving over her missing eye when she is looking around. Shih Tzus are prone to eye problems. Staying on top of any future eye problmes to protect her remaining eye will be neccessary. As far as any problems due to her previous owner, some dogs will be traumatized. Don’t feel sorry for her or baby her too much. Dogs are smart and very perceptive. They will often take advantage of any symapthy.

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