Does Petsmart or Petco take in unwanted fish?

I have a 6 Jack Dempseys that i bought from a friend and he said that the jack dempsey wouldn’t grow larger than an inch. I was sadly mistaken and now they are 5 inches in my small 10 gallon tank and i can’t afford a bigger tank. Can you sell/trade the fish to Petsmart or Petco for money or another pet besides a fish? I’ve always wanted a bearded dragon and i have the supplies from my old snake tank.

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2 Responses to Does Petsmart or Petco take in unwanted fish?

  1. sidni0 says:

    ohh im trying to find homes for my fishes too!!! like what the other person said already they might not take them in because of the chances that your fishes might harm their fishes because of some disease or illness. but your best bet is to call them and ask. or just give them away to a friend or some1 who wants them. but never release them to a local pond or something. first off they won’t make it second it is bad to introduce a non native specie to a pond or lake because they do not belong there and could upset the natural ecosystem.

  2. jmcp7227 says:

    no they will not take in other fish. i have tried it before actually at both stores. the dont want to possibly damage or harm their fish with fish coming in from an unknown environment. maybe if you bring them in and just leave them on the counter and walk out. then they will really have to take them!
    i ended up putting mine on craigslist for free and had a taker in a few days. hope this helps

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