Does places like Lowes, & Tractor Supply allow you take your Dog/Puppy inside?

Were going to be rescuing a golden retriever puppy soon, & we don’t have any places like Petsmart, or Petco..Both of our other pet stores do not allow other pets inside. I’m wondering does places like Lowes, & Tractor Supply allow Dogs/Puppies inside?
I want a place I can take my pup for Socialization. We are planning to do Obedience classes, but He will need more than just that for proper socialization. He’s 4month old, & hasn’t gotten the attention, socialization, or training he needs.
Any other places you can think of for Socializing a puppy?

Thanks. 🙂

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7 Responses to Does places like Lowes, & Tractor Supply allow you take your Dog/Puppy inside?

  1. miaugh says:

    You;ll have to all and ask them–some do & some don’t allow it Some places only allow service dogs. You don’t have to just take your dog indoors to be socialized. Take him to parks that only allow dogs on-leash, so there will be people walking around.

  2. luvpudin says:

    I don’t believe any stores will let you bring a dog inside, except for Petsmart & Petco. Sorry… try a park or a playground!

  3. Aussies are my ♥ Dogs says:

    You can always run inside and ask. When I was socializing my mini schnauzer, I got permission from the bank and the grocery store to take him inside. We also have a Cal-Ranch that allows dogs inside. Give it a shot!

  4. Dancer says:

    I would say no to the Lowes and Tractor Supply places. I work for a small company that allows employees to bring their pets and we are pet friendly with customers, but that is just us.

    If you need more socialization for your pup I would suggest a dog park.

    My APBT is learning how NOT bad she is by going to the dog park. She thinks she is ‘all that’ until that Great Dane comes up and towers over her!

    No, seriously, it is a very good idea. At least it is here at the park I go to. The people are ‘dog people’, which I love to be around.

  5. rescue member says:

    No, unfortunately they don’t. Our local Ranch Hand (a feed store) does, try something like that near you.

    Do you have anything like a Market on Main Street, small flea market, local bazaars – that’s where I take my dogs to get socialized – any small outdoor public event will usually allow polite dogs on leash.
    I take my fosters to them because bit gatherings are too stressful, but a small, outdoor event is usually fine.

    Good idea to socialize your dog – it’s important.

  6. Chuckles says:

    I always thought Tractor Supply let in leashed dogs. But everyone says no. I would call them and ask.

    I know that Lowes doesn’t let in animals, unless they are a service dog.

  7. tania says:

    As a TSC employee i must say that yes we do allow your pets to come inside the store. At our store we even keep doggy treats at the registers for your dogs. One day we even had some guy come in with his baby pig on a leash!! it was too cute. But yes we do allow pets.
    we would love for them to be on a leash but we do get some very well trained dogs who don’t come in with one. At our store we don’t mind really.

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