How can I make my dog eat dog food again?

My dog used to eat dog food until I started giving her human food. Now she doesn’t want to eat her dog food and only chooses to eat human food. I want her to eat dog food again because I know giving her human food will not supply all her nutritional needs.

Please help me.

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  1. NutroMeg says:

    First you want to get her on a feeding schedule. I feed my dog 2 times a day, breakfast and dinner. At each feeding you want to leave her bowl out for 15-20 minutes. If she hasn’t touched her food in that time, take the bowl up and she now has to wait until her next feeding time. Next time, you do the same thing. Make sure not to give her any treats in between. She will not starve herself, this will just teach her that dog food is the only food she is going to get. Once she has gotten used to her schedule you can start adding occasional treats in. Good luck!

  2. Brooke says:

    Stop giving her human food.
    When she is hungry, she will eventually go back to dog food, just don’t give in. after-all, you are the master and she is the dog.

  3. Tiffany says:

    What you need to do is Stop giving her Human Food Period You Need to Give Her Her regular dog food and believe me she will get hungry and go back to eating her dog food once again its going to take awhile for her to realize she needs to eat her dog food and she will not be getting human food anymore but if you stick to it and just give her dog food she will go back to eating it.

  4. Lyrique says:

    if she looks hungry hook her somewhere with her food and check on her evry once in a while she’ll eventually eat it only give her human food for a treat or snack give it frozen broccoli too

  5. Blue says:

    Start to mix her dog food with human food and slowly reduce amount of human food. She will soon start eating dog food again.

  6. Olivia says:

    My Beagle did the same thing. Mix crushed human food with dog food. Make sure you crush it though because otherwise she will try to pick it out. Also soak it in chicken juice or something like it. After a while start putting less and less human food in it.

  7. Roz says:

    You can go to your local pet store and get a Natural Balance log/roll, food supplement. We get ours at the local Petco store near us. I read that it is harmful for dogs to eat our left overs as we add salt and spices into our food which isn’t good for the dog’s health.

    We just cut off about 1/4" or so of the log and then break it up and microwave it for 10-15 seconds just to take the chill off of it (after it’s been in the fridge after the first use). We mix it in with his dry dog food using our hands so it gets mixed well and that our scent is on it, too. He eats it all up
    It’s healthy for the dog as table scraps have too much salt and sauces and spices which are not good for dogs. Here’s a link which shows what the "log" looks like:

  8. Bindi says:

    Actually feeding appropriate "human" foods can be nutritionally balanced and even healthier than feeding commercial foods. My dogs haven’t eaten commercial dog food in years, other than using samples in their Tug-A-Jug or canned in a food tube for treats.

    If you’re set on feeding commercial food find a high quality one (these don’t include your big names) and feed that. Put the bowl down for 20 mins pick it back up whether she eats or not. Nothing offered until the next meal when you again put the bowl down for 20 mins and take it up back up. She’ll figure out she needs to eat what you give her when you give it to her. A healthy dog won’t starve itself.

  9. Yvon says:

    You ‘d better let dog eat rice or bone .

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