How do I care for a dog’s cropped ears?

I work with dogs, so my friend asked me to help hold still and take care of his dog, whose ears were cropped on Sunday. Today is the second day that the colored vet wrap and pads have been taken off, so really, the ear scabbing has begun to become noticeable today. In holding the warm washcloth to the dogs ears, what are we really trying to accomplish physically? I ask this because we know that we are trying to keep big scabs from forming, but when we do hold the washcloth to the dogs ears gently (for a minute), the scabs feel rough and when we take off the washcloth, NOTHING looks different. No scabs/blood have come off, and the ear/scabs basically look the same. Are we supposed to completely saturate a washcloth in hot water and hold it TIGHTLY against the ear for 5 minutes? And, If the dog needs these scabs to heal his ears, how can I break up only certain (chunky) scabs? Please share if you know a website with any kind of tutorial, ESPECIALLY with pictures!

Thank you so much!!

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  1. animal_artwork says:

    Sorry I don’t have an answer for you neither of my breeds have cropped ears.

    To those who find it too "inhumane" I suggest you look up the breed purpose and delve into the reasoning WHY historically certain breeds are cropped, tails docked, dewclaws removed etc. While I’m on the subject of docking .. do you realize that in the UK there has been a huge upswing in the number of both fatal and injuries requiring surgery on dogs whose breeds were traditionally docked? Perhaps historically there was a REASON people started cutting off newborn puppy tails? Frankly I can’t imagine what condition an OES (Old English Sheepdog) would be in out in the pasture herding sheep with a long fluffy tail matted down by feces. I don’t want to imagine the damage to a English Springer Spaniel’s tail out in the field, caught on thorns and filled with prickers. Tails are incredibly hard to treat when damaged.. they have very little loose skin and generally poor bloodflow.

    EDIT: My 22 year old son just asked me "How many of these people believe in circumcision for male infants?" I’d never really thought about it that way and while I know a lot of Europeans are not.. the vast majority of American males are.

  2. Landhermie says:

    Cropping ears is too inhumane.

  3. punk_rawk_grrl says:

    Yikes. I wish this was illegal like it is in the UK. How sick to cut dog ears and tails so it conforms to a "breed standard". Or in this case (which I’m betting it is) a pit bull’s ears are cut so it looks "tougher". Sick, sick, sick.

    Your friend should be ashamed of himself. I wonder how he’d feel if the dog was able to decide to trim parts of HIS body to make him better fit a "standard" or to make him look "tougher"?

  4. rustyredstar says:

    I agree with you guys that cropping ears and docking tails is cruel, and should only be done by a vet if there’s a problem that makes it necessary.

    But please, it’s already done, there’s no use pitching fits about it.

    To the asker… You should talk to a veterinarian or a reputable breeder, they would know the best answers.

  5. wonderwomanswonderwoman says:

    Please bring him to a vet and solve your problem and the dog’s. I know you work with dogs but going to a vet is always for a cure. Go to him and dont delay helping the dog heal faster.

  6. Rogueanjell says:

    I’m not crazy about cropping but that’s besides the point I just want to know how the dog got done on a Sunday???I’ve worked for vets for years and never heard of such a thing I just pray you didn’t take it upon yourselves to do it yourself (not meant to be offensive but people do this often and it’s tormenting to the dog) Call the vet who did the surgery they should happily go through post operative care with you again (it differs slightly based on breed)

  7. crazymanca7 says:

    I think it is inhume to do such a thing would we like it if someone did that to us

  8. chris_swed_420 says:

    I absolutely agree It is cruel to crop the dogs tail and ears But, it is already done and we are just wasting our time telling them so.
    I wouldn’t pick off the scabs, i would leave them there because they help to heal. Wash the ears with hot water (not scalding though) and put on some polysporin and bandages. If the ears look infected take the dog to a vet. Hope this info helps!!

  9. sniffydogs says:


  10. dobiegang says:

    Here is a site on ear cropping & I hope it helps. If you have any serious concerns about this dog’s ears, call the vet that did the crop job. I am sure they will give you advice over the telephone. This site is on Doberman crop, but the after care is no doubt the same for all crop jobs!!! Good luck.

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