how do i get a quaker parrot out of a tree?

our quaker parrot is in a tree outside…does anyone out there know how to get this bird out of the tree and back into her cage?..shes been out there for over 12 hours now.

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  1. kruizintg says:

    put the cage withthe door open in clear view, put a large visible bowl of seed or the birds favourite food in the cage and wait

  2. someones fairy says:

    he’s right or kiss it good bye!

  3. major_decoverly says:

    Fire at her with a pellet gun to scare her.

  4. jaws says:

    cut down the fucking tree.

  5. Kaska says:

    Set her cage outside with food in it. She should return to her cage.

    If you have a second Quaker parrot bring him outside in a cage and the other bird should come to him. I did this to catch a cickatiel.

  6. spaceytracey3 says:

    I want my Bubbles Back, baby!!

  7. Mary S says:

    IMPORTANT to do – As Soon as Possible.

    – Have two cages available (even if one is 
a smaller cage to put into the larger cage so you can leave the door open for catching the escapee)


- Leave all Lights ON – It Will be attracted to the light and more likely stay close and come down if it can see You , its Food, Cage and its Bird Friend – if you have one.


-Objects of famaliarty – Cage, its toys, feeding bowls etc.. (We have 
a coupe of the large wired Colorful ropes -that they perch on in there favorite spot) I
should have had one here. Could have hung it on
the deck near the tree to come as a seconday 
thing to land on.

-Maybe a recording of Quaker Parrot sounds (My Birds companion couldn t keep
 calling out all the time – when needed) When Elfie 
was nearby – he reacted immediatly to his companions 

    -For chance of longer survival to keep trying-I needed to get it food. I going to get a regular small outdoor 
birdfeeder (inside) so that they would be use to going 
to one. I could have put it outside to lure it.. 

And if it would have ended up outside our area –many people have birdfeeders-and therefore more chance of someone else catching it

    In the Future Consider Wing Clipping – to the degree the Bird can t fly too high.
    And if he flies further away—

    -And that leads to Last – but not Least- Contacting the local animal shelter (SPCA is a major one) would be at the top of my list if I found any kind of Pet Animal – to check to see if someone reported it missing. And any number of other ways – post Lost Posters in the Area, Advertise in Papers-Local TV Stations and Radio to get the word out.

    Most of these things are those that others suggested and a few of my own…….

    Good Luck! – Please let us Know What happens!!


My Story: My Birdies hardly EVER (a couple of times) come down from the top floor of this cottage- to the second floor. The few times they did come down is when I didn t freshen their food. Because I had just freshend their food 10 minutes before and they were upstairs at the time -And with me watching when I did open the door to the deck on the second floor – I AUSUMED it wouldn t happen. They didn t follow their normal habits and it DID happen-he came down and out in a flash.


    It happened on Saturday afternoon -When Alfie flew out the door I went in and got the other bird (Boo) in the cage and brought it outside on the deck under the tree it was in. (The problem is-even if he came down-I wouldn have had a way to catch him without a second cage) It was probably distracted by the other birds (even was following a finch going from branch to branch) and Boo would call sometime- but not often enough and then stopped calling out. It stayed for about 20 minutes then at one point flew and into the tallest pine tree ever. I followed it calling and later it flew back towards our direction but overflew again way over to the other side. By this time it was getting windy and I placed the other bird again on the deck and it started calling and Alfie would respond back and this is when Alfie flew to the tree closer to Boo. The wind was heavy so when Alfie looked like he was going to fly down he but ended up way on the otherside again. But it was now dark. I went to see if I could find him again but didn t find him until I went out again the next morning (6:00am). It did start raining. I went out a million times a day with constant calling. It seems as if this might of helped to keep him in the area. One time later in the day Boo was calling again and Alfie answered and came closer into a tree across the street and at one point flew across towards us -but it was getting dark again and a car went by and he flew off again. That was at the end of the 2nd evening. After one cooler evening and a full day of rain – continuing on into another night- even though there was a rain free and warmer day ahead…… I could not locate him the next day-unlike all the times I had before. 

Today I had to let Boo do what he is use to and fly free within the space. Now it is chattering away. And only one friend left here to listen and respond to it. I will stay til the end of the week- just in case………

  8. mom alexandrine says:

    Bring the cage to the tree it will get ungry and come to its cage ussally a parrot will start to get really ungry on the second day you might have to sleep outside with your bird..Try its favorite treat that might work or a glass of orange juice Good luck…

  9. photogirl says:

    Try a waterhose on the "stream" setting. Douse the bird, aiming for the wings and tail. A soaked bird can’t fly.

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