How do I get my dog to stop peeing on the carpet?

My dog is about 3 years old and everynight he pee’s in the spare bedroom on the carpet. I have tried everything. Sometimes he poops there too. Every Morning I wake up to find either pee on the carpet or poop and pee on the carpet. I have tried spraying some stuff I bought from the pet supply store that claims your dog won’t pee in the spot you spray it in. I have steam cleaned the carpet to remove the old scent. That didn’t work. I’ve tried keeping the door to bedroom closed at night so he won’t go in there but instead he’ll pee in the corner of my dining room. so now I have two area’s of the house where he will go and pee. I’ve tried not giving him water before bed time and I make sure I walk him and he pee’s outside before we go to bed. Nothing is working. I’m just desperate to get him to stop. Please help!

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  1. lisa says:

    Get a kennel, but not one that’s too big for him. Make him sleep in it at night. In the morning, take him out and stay there till he goes potty. Then you praise him.

    If you’re going out of the house, keep him in the kennel, until you get back and then take him outside as soon as he gets out of the kennel.

    He’ll probably cry about being in the kennel, but that’s better than pee and poop on the floor.

    Goos Luck!

  2. maddie says:

    i use this thing called peepee pads, it is a little mat that u buy and my dog always goes on that now. they are disposable, just put them in the place that they pee/poop in. and it really works plus they arent expensive

  3. Tri T says:

    keep him outside that the the quick fix.

  4. Bunny Girl says:

    train him duh

  5. Huntress says:

    Get a kennel and kennel train him. It worked wonders for my dog. Something about not peeing where you sleep.
    Make sure he goes out right before bed and first thing in the morning(although I’m sure youve tried that), and crate him at night.
    He’ll learn! If not, take him to the vet, he may have bladder problems and not be able to control it. 🙂

  6. Gerald says:

    Need to reward your friend when he does pee and poo. . In dog training verbage it is call HURRY. It is a command to go-hurry–hurry– then reward…Make sure he is taken out before your head hits the pillow… Not 9pm and then lites out after Jay Leno…

  7. fwf43 says:

    So many possibilities. Your dog could have a bladder or urinary infection. Maybe he needs to be let out to pee more. Lock him in a tiled room at night. Try a solution called ODERBAN, sold at Sam’s club. Also try pepper on the areas he has gone. Dogs and cats smell before the pee. Use a strong red pepper if you try this. Other than these suggestions, the only other is to put the dog outside.

  8. Moose says:

    Rub your dogs face into the area, and with a newspaper in hand, holler NO, THATS BAD, then get them outside to do their business.““““
    Try takig a bit a vinegar, and pet shampoo, and clean the area real well, so the peeing and pooping will stop.

  9. lebeez3 says:

    Put him in a crate at night. It should be large enough for him to stand and turn around but no larger than that.

  10. angel m says:

    i am a breeder a dog must be trained at a early age,put the animal in a large kennel at night or while you are at work this teaches them discipline,and the animal will not pee and poop in there kennel. as soon as you wake up ,or get home take the animal outside to do his business. i will work i do it all the time . my pups are trained before they leave me at 6weeks old . i have a male and female in the house and they never mess in my house . good luck

  11. Lollie 123 says:

    The crate thing sounds like a good solution. Just curious though, was there another dog in the house that might have gone on the spot were your dog always goes? Could be trying to cancel someones scent from before.. I’d try getting that carpet shampooed by a professional. They have odor removers that are stronger than we can buy. Good Luck!

  12. «Da Latin Pride« says:

    Use a newspaper and fold it as a stick without making it too thick, and even though it might sound a little rude or bad, hit him on his neck near of his ears while you TELL (not yell but not that low) him a phrase that he wouldn’t forget. Like, "you do that outside, not here." and of course, don’t be so cruel and hit him hard. It’s just like spanking a kid. Which mom has never spanked her kid/kids to teach them a lesson? And by the way, show him another place where he can do it. Don’t just tell him not to do it inside. A good strategy would be walking him two times a day. And eventually he will adapt himself not to do it inside. But, every time he does it don’t just let it go or kiss him or anything like it. He will assume it’s OK and of course… he’ll keep doing it. So, punish him and adapt him to go outside with you two times a day, also don’t let him get away with it, or he will keep doing it. Since dogs prefer to do it in a carpet, you can also put a small carpet outside where you want him to do it. It’s a start. Anyways, good luck… and don’t assume he has no idea what you are telling him, they can sense when you are mad or irritated and if he’s been with you since he was a puppy he probably knows your moods already. I have a doggie too and I hate hitting her, in fact… I never do, but when she was a puppy she was taught how to do it outside. Right now, if she wanted to go pee, she would start running all around the house. And she doesn’t do it inside unless I don’t take her for a walk at 11:00 am when I usually walk her and let her do her things… then I do it around 9:00pm and that allows her to feel free all day long. If I’m not at home, she waits for me to come and once I come she runs to the door and starts barking… lol. I should make a video. Anyways, good luck friend… and don’t be afraid of punishing. That’s one of the best ways of teaching.

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