How do you get a puppy to stop whining when she is in a crate (cage)?

I just bought a new Maltese puppy. I was told that she would easily adjust to apartment life and that this breed were good dogs for being left alone. She is adjusting wonderfully to being potty trained but when I leave during the day and at night I crate her as instructed by pet store. She whines and yelps all night to the point that I can’t sleep and neighbors are complaining. I leave her plenty of toys but she will yelp all day until I get home or let her out the cage. I was told to potty train unless I am able to closely watch she should be crated. When I’m home I always let her out.

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  1. yetti says:

    Crating is fine….puppies will do that….keep something with you smell in there with her….and you have to ignore it at night….as was stated going to her she will think of it as "reward" for yelping. Make sure to give her plenty of attention when you are home. She will soon stop. also you might think about getting here a friend like another small dog….puppies always do better in pairs….

  2. mike says:

    She was separated from mom to soon. You can try putting the cage next to your bed and placing your hand in or near it.Other than that you need another dog for her to attach to.

  3. Meggz21 says:

    It sounds like you are doing a good job. Just stick with it and ask your neighbors to be understanding for a bit while your puppy adjusts, but you seem to be doing everything right. The dog just needs to get used to the crate. Also, if you can keep it near you at night so she knows you are close by, and leave a tv or radio on during the day so she has some human voices to distract her and make her feel less alone. If you haven’t already, put something in the crate(an old t-shirt) with your scent on it. Hope that helps!

  4. kbenji33 says:

    Sorry to say, but you have to ignore it. I know it’s hard, but giving her attention during the time she’s in there tells her if she keeps it up you’ll come to her. Give her a warm fuzzy to help comfort her and she’ll stop eventually.

  5. walkinglady says:

    Whoever told you this breed was fine being left alone doesn’t know a thing about dogs. I assume it was the pet store trying to make money off you. All dogs need companionship. She’s crying because she’s lonely. She’s crated all day and crated at night. How much time does this dog get with you? You need to walk her in the morning before you leave and walk her again in the evening. She needs you to spend time with her, playing, grooming, training, just sitting and talking to her.

    With time, this puppy will adjust, but you can’t expect a young puppy to quietly sit in a crate all day and night, too. Dogs are a commitment and they require your time and attention.

  6. ♥Chad♥ says:

    Make her like her crate.When you put her in her crate get a peice of cheese or dogfood or whatever she likes to eat for a snack.Do this everytime and she will get the idea that the crate is a "happy place".When she does it good without whining praise her with a doggy biscuit.

  7. T Time says:

    Put something in the crate with your scent on it, like a shirt or pillow case. This will help to soothe her. Don’t give her any type of attention when she does this because, to her, it’s "reward" for her crying. Eventually, she’ll stop.

  8. shirls4 says:

    that is cruelty. wouldn’t you yelp if you were locked in a cage? She has been taken from her mother and put in a cage with no contact with anyone. Bet you would do the same. You shouldnt have a dog if you arent going to be there for it.

  9. Angeljerk says:

    you have to learn to ignore it. she’ll eventually stop.
    we did this when my dog was a puppy. years later we didn’t have to keep him in a crate when we were gone or sleeping.

  10. chetco says:

    the pet store misrepresented the breed to you.. Maltese are VERY sociable and dependant dogs, and need to have their family (owner) in sight at all times..otherwise they stress… The biggest problem with the constant stressing, isn’t the noise they make, but their own health.. Stressing compromises their immune system, and leaves them open to every disease and malady..
    You would do best to consider a doggy day care, where she will have company and plenty of social interaction, and the day care will continue her potty training..Check around your town..they are not as expensive as you might think, and are likely a lot less expensive than the vet bills that you are likely facing, with a puppy that is stressed 3/4 of the day..

    You will find day cares through ads in the paper, or information through your pet supply shop, or groomer..

    this is an excellent resource for new Maltese owners..this is an except from the article> # Separation anxiety. More than most other breeds, Maltese need a great deal of companionship and do not like being left alone for more than a few hours. They tend to express their unhappiness through destructive chewing and barking. If you work all day, this is not the breed for you.

    # Providing enough socialization. Standoffish by nature, Maltese need extensive exposure to people and to unusual sights and sounds. Otherwise their natural caution could become shyness or fearfulness, which are difficult to live with.<<<

  11. DG says:

    Several things may help 1.) do not only crate her when you are leaving or going to sleep or she will associate the crate with you ‘going away’ which is obviously upsetting to her. Crate her sometimes when you are sitting at home (but you’ll have to ignore the crying!) 2.) do try to make going in the crate an enjoyable experience with treats for evey time she has to go in or goes in voluntarily 3.) this one is hard, when you get home from being away, DO NOT make a big deal about your arrival. Leave her in the crate for a few moments while you get settled, then let her out. The idea is to make your leaving and returning a non-event. 4.) Leave a TV or radio on for her when you are gone. She probably has mild (or strong) separation anxiety that you’ll have to work on. My 5 month old puppy screamed his head off for about a month every time I left, but now he sprints to his crate when I get my keys cause he knows a yummy treat and a nap are on the way. If she still cries all day, try taking her to a doggy daycare while you are at work to ease her separation anxiety. Good Luck

  12. nora22000 says:

    She is yelping because she is trying to tell you that she doesn’t need to be in the crate anymore.

    Let her out, and if possible, have someone visit her during the day while you’re gone and just say, "hi doggie."

    At night, a regular dog bed will be fine. She may tear up the dog bed, trying to make it comfortable. Let her do that; it’s much better than her tearing up the furniture. Get her a different bed and put something of yours (smelly socks will do) in it to keep her company.

  13. PAPA62 says:

    They like their owners and want to be with them! You could try a wind up clock, sometimes that helps to sooth them, or maybe leave the radio on.

    ALL DOGS ARE DIFFERENT, just like people! Without a doubt she is lone some!

    She is very, very stressed, You will have very high vet bills sooner or later do to this. Try day care for doggies. They want and need companionship!

  14. pink girlie says:

    I have a shih tsu maltese mix who does the same thing…. she has been making me crazy… I was told to try giving her one of my old pillows in the crate… then she would have my scent, and it has worked… other than that, ignoring doesn’t seem to be working for yours either…. rollup some newspaper..and when she whines hit the floor or the counter NEVER HIT HER…and say NO firmly… it will startle her… then I tell mine hush… but you need to find one command that works for you… like Quiet…or something..

    I have had mine for 3 months. and this has really helped. I hope it helps you.

  15. susan g says:

    you could try a hot-water bottle wrapped in a towel and a ticking clock in her bed under the blanket it’s supposed to remind them of their mum. I read somewhere to leave a radio on as well for company. Sometimes it just takes a while for them to adjust.
    Good luck

  16. 98ta says:

    Holding her

  17. arctic_phoenix0203 says:

    In a very loud but stern voice say "NO!". It get frustrating, but repetition should do the trick after a while.

  18. Queen Nefertiti says:

    try putting an old wind up clock in a sock. the ticking may help her think its her mommy’s heartbeat. it worked with my dog.

    once my dog was trained to use weewee pads i bought a dog bed and kept it next to my side of the bed but on the floor and trained her to sleep in it so there is no whining.

  19. jg says:

    give her a toy or bone

  20. HipHopDancer says:

    Try an alarm clock.. you know the wind-up ones that tick? Just make sure it won’t go off while the puppies with it. Or else a bed buddy – those things that you heat up with the little beans or whatever in it.

    My puppy used to whine, too. But I slept with my fingers in the holes of his crate for a few nights and he stopped.

  21. Lauren says:

    Well, she has to get used to her crate. Are you leaving it open during the day? If you are not, try doing so, that way she wont see it as a punishment, but as a relaxing quiet place to rest. My dog was the same, but eventually, she started to appreciate her own private space where there are no distractions. Hope this helps. Good Luck. 🙂

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