how much do bearded dragons cost?

hi, i want to know how much bearded dragons cost ( the normal sized ones not the miniature ones). i live near a petco, petsmart, today’s pet store, and this place called rick’s fish and pet supplies. thanks for answering 🙂

oh and what’s the best place to get them? thanks again

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  1. Nasubi says:

    The best place to get them is from a reputable breeder, so that you know it has been well taken care of and is healthy, and is big enough and old enough to sell. You might not get that with a pet store beardie.

    Also, don’t count on a pet store to give you good information on how to care for a beardie. Do all your research first at a website dedicated to beardies, like

    You can plan on spending $20-$100 for a baby, or way more if you are into high color morphs. Also plan on spending a couple hundred on the initial setup with the right size tank, heat light, UVB, thermometer etc. Here is a list I like to give to newbies:

    First of all, you need this website:

    You will learn everything you need there.

    Secondly, DO NOT LISTEN TO ADVICE FROM THE PET STORE!! They don’t know squat about caring for exotics, so make sure you know everything you need before you go, and don’t let them talk you out of something you know to be true. That’s why you need the above website!

    Here is a basic list:

    20g tank minimum. You’ll need at least a 40g breeder when he’s grown, so you may want to go ahead and get the bigger one. You can block off part of it if he seems intimidated by the size.
    Craigslist is a great place to find cheap tanks.

    Solid substrate for the bottom – Repticarpet, paper towels, non-adhesive shelf liner, or my favorite, tiles. Tiles are great. You only have to buy them once. They are super easy to clean and disinfect. They come in a lot of colors and styles so you can customize your look. They also help keep beardie’s nails filed down. Sand, especially calcium sand, or any other particle substrate poses an impaction risk and should not be used for a dragon under one year old. And then washed childrens playsand is the only safe option.

    You can go real cheap here, pennies for paper towels or less than $10 for tiles.

    Thermometer – A temp gun or digital indoor/outdoor therm with a probe on a wire. The stick on type are useless, and it’s important that you accurately monitor your temps. The probe goes directly on the basking spot, and this temp should be 100-110. The cool side should stay around 80.
    Wal Mart sells the Acurite Digital Weather Station for $12. It is an indoor/outdoor therm with the probe and works perfect for this application.

    Heat bulb and fixture – Lowes and Wal Mart both have metal dome work light fixtures. These work great. The bulb can be just a regular household bulb. You might need to try different wattages to see which one gives you the temps you need. Usually a 75W or 100W will do.
    Bulb <$1, Fixure: $10

    UVB bulb and fixture – AVOID THE COMPACT COIL. Linear fluorescents provide the best UVB (besides MVB bulbs, but you can learn about that on and REPTISUN 10.0 (not ReptiGLO) is the best fluor bulb on the US market. You can get the fixture at Lowes or Wal Mart for a reasonable price. Make sure the fixture does not have a glass or plastic shield over the light. Glass and plastic both completely filter UVB. The bulbs are way cheaper if you order them online from somewhere like Pet Mountain.
    Bulb: $30-$60 depending on which type you get. The fluor needs to be replaced ever 6 months and the MVB just once a year so the yearly costs are about the same.
    Fixture: 24" fluor fixture at Wal Mart for $8, or the work light fixture for MVB for $10.

    Then you’ll want some cage furniture, a basking rock or log, a hide if you like (although a hide isn’t really necessary), some fake greenery to make it pretty. You might want to consider something to enclose 3 sides of your tank. Some beardies freak out about all the visibility, but some don’t seem to notice. I used fake bamboo blinds to do this and it looked great.

    You’ll need a plan for your live feeders. Again, way cheaper to buy in bulk online than a few at a time at the pet store (and healthier too, no doubt). A 20 qt or bigger plastic tub does nicely. Cut a hole in the lid and hot glue or duct tape some screen on top for ventilation. You can learn all you need about caring for your crix at, and you can also learn about other feeders.

    Here’s a good website to tell you which veggies are good for your dragon:…

    Okay, just as important, I will give you a list of things NOT to get, no matter what the pet store tells you!

    *calcium sand
    *crushed walnut shells
    *any substrate that has particles
    *stick on thermometers
    *crickets bigger than the space between his eyes
    *compact coil UVB bulbs
    *heat pad
    *blue or red night light

  2. bama256 says:

    after i got mine the total was about 200 because i had to get the pet, the cage, the sand, food and stuff to go in his cage so after you buy everything it needs it will cost a couple hundred

  3. Jσ¢єℓуи says:

    At the Pet-co in my town, they are 60 dollars, I don’t have a Pet-smart, are you talking about Pet Supplies Plus? If you are, at the one in my town, they are 80 dollars. The best place to get them isn’t at a pet-store, you can get a healthy one from a breeder, or online from a breeder.

    hope ive helped 🙂

  4. PURP says:

    Larger bearded dragons will cost more. The miniature ones are called babies, they grow into the big ones that you see. A baby beardie and all the setup will probably cost around 300 dollars. That includes cage, lighting, substrate, food (crickets), food cage (kricket Keeper), decor, and such.

    They usually cost more than most people think a month to feed and re substrate the cage.

  5. Steven says:

    The most expensive part is providing a good varied diet and UVB bulbs. The bulbs cost about $50 and need replaced every 6 months. Without them the lizard will die from metabolic bone disease

  6. Rachel Courtemanche says:

    My bearded ragon itself was $60. The tank, the food, the lighting, the cage all together came to be around $300. It took me a while to save up for one. They are a great pet. I got him at PetCo.

  7. Exact says:

    Local breeders on recycler and craigslist sell babies anywhere from $15-$50 depending on color and pattern. Petco and other rip off joints sell their babies for like $60…Adults can range from $60-$300 or sometimes even more for translucent or leatherbacks or german giants…

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