how much do dogs vet bills cost?

im not worried about the cost of the dog or dog supplies im most worried about the vet bills. like what is the priciest vet bill u ever got and what for?

im worried about things like surgery most likely though i want to buy a dog for my gf but my mom wont let me keep it unless i pay for everything myself

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  1. Julie D. says:

    I can tell you that a surgery for an intestinal blockage will cost you at LEAST $2000.00, and in the Summer of ’09 I spent almost $500.00 to cure a UTI that my Bulldog had.

  2. Dog Lover says:

    If you’re worried about vet costs, I would wait to get a dog. It really depends on what its for and honestly my parents pay the vet bills so I have no idea. There’s always a risk that something will happen to the dog that you’re not prepared for. My last dog got cancer and I’m sure that really added up, it’s a chance you take with any pet you get. There are dog insurances out there but I have no idea how they work, maybe that’s something to look into?

  3. Texperson says:

    Vets are expensive. You need shots and exams each year, about $200. Then you need Heartgard for heartworms and Flea prevention, about another $200 per year. And food, beds, grooming. And that’s if the dog is healthy, any health problem can run into the high hundreds if surgery is needed. Dogs are very expensive to take care of properly.

  4. !There is no cure for Ignorance! says:

    The most expensive bill i have ever had came to around £9000 for all the treatment dogs are expensive so are vet bills dog insurance covers a lot of them or a vet fund

  5. SMILEY says:

    A lot!

  6. Lorraine says:

    This is why I have insurance although I still pay the excess which is £120 on one policy and £99 on another.

    That means before I get any money back from a claim I pay the first £120 or £99. (Two different policies on different dogs).

    But then some of my bills have been in the region of £1500, and I recently had one of £950. So I get insurance to be sure.

    Vet bills are VERY EXPENSIVE.

  7. Chuckles says:

    The most expensive vet bill that *I* can remember was around $300. Medicine, Frontline, Heart-worm prevention, shots, Check-up, and some other stuff.
    And then when we put our dog down and cremated him, that was about $200.00

    Dogs can be quite expensive…

  8. ladystang says:

    depends on vet
    call around and get prices
    mine is $35 for office visit
    then if she gets shots and medicine, have paid $50
    she will need surgery for her joints but hope that takes awhile. surgery starts at $3000
    depends on dog breed. some are more prone to accidents and health problems

  9. thefinalresult says:

    we all worry about vet bills, they happen, cancer is thousands and hours to the nearest major center for MRI and surgery and then radiation and follow up chemo at local vet, save at least a grand just for medical before you buy a puppy, and the grand is just for medical in a savings, the spay/neuter, shots, food, bed, toys are not out of the grand in savings

    also have a credit card with at least a 3,000 credit limit minimum just for the dog, use it every 3-5 months for some groceries to keep it active and pay off immediately to avoid interest

    you don’t have to be rich to have a dog but you must prioritize your money and be willing to save and sacrifice if need be for your dog

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