How much would it cost to ship my dog across the country?

So about a year ago i my family moved across the country. We had to leave my dog where we used to live and my mom was heartbroken. She doesn’t want any other dog but him. I wanted to know how much it would cost to fly him from New Brunswick, Canada to Alberta, Canada. He is a medium sized dog. Also, how much would it be for a crate? Do they have crates for dogs, or do you need to supply them?

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  1. Tryin' Again says:

    Price is determined by SIZE *&* WEIGHT of crate w/dog.

    Know who can tell you EXACTLY?? The PROS AT THE AIRLINES!!!
    Add the price of the crate (YOU buy!) & the gas to & from the airport *&* the health MUST get from the vet.
    Easily $400-betcha a dollar.

  2. dAMIano says:

    i dont know about canada but i traveled with dogs before i had a 5 month old pekingese i traveled from Poland to USA ( NY) and i paid 100 for the pet ticket

    as for the crates you have ot have your own crate some places require the dog to in quarantinee for at least 2 month that was when i traveled with the puppy but that was about 4 years ago so i think the rules/policies have changed

  3. Me says:

    I think it costs upto $250 and a crate is about $70-80 if you buy it at the airport.

    I had a dog shipped from Saskatchewan to Toronto for $140 with Air Canada

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